How to Find Talent Outside of LinkedIn

Where to Find Talent Outside of LinkedIn

If you are sourcing for tech talent on just LinkedIn alone and feeling frustrated with the lack of strong candidates on the platform, you are not alone. Even though LinkedIn can be a useful tool to find relevant and top tech talent for your job vacancies, there are more areas you can explore as well as methods you can use to maximise your recruitment effort, allowing you a higher chance of scoring a top-level candidate for your organisation.


In this article, we will share 6 strategies you can use to find more top tech talent outside of LinkedIn:


1. Online Job Boards

Besides using LinkedIn, did you know that there are numerous other online job boards that you can use to search for tech talent? Monster and Dice are particularly helpful if you are looking to recruit tech professionals.


Other more broad-based job boards include Indeed, which is a popular option worldwide, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder, all of which allow recruiters and talent teams to list job openings and lets job seekers apply directly to these postings.


Online Job Boards


Our advice is to do a quick search on the job boards available in your locale as some platforms may be more global, while others are more native to the place in which you are hiring, the latter of which can also be handy in finding relevant candidates for your open positions.


At the same time, while there are hundreds of job boards out there, the one that you choose to use ultimately depend on a number of factors such as the type of work (whether it is a short term contract, a full or part time position, freelancing or shift work), the price, and what other features the platform has that suits your own workflow such as the ability to integrate with your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software.


Lastly, regardless of the job board you choose in the end, you will always need to optimise your job descriptions to ensure that your job postings stand out from the crowd. This can be especially challenging for recruiters looking to fill tech positions as the job descriptions typically have a lot of technical details with which they might not be familiar. To learn how to write better and more optimised job descriptions for technical roles such as software engineering, take a look at our guide here.


2. Professional Associations and Meetups

Another great area where you can find top tech talent is through associations and networking events. Some examples of these across Southeast Asia include professional associations for the software and IT industry such as Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), Singapore Computer Society (SCS), and Malaysia Software Testing Board (MSTB), to name a few.


Professional Associations and Meetups


This list is not exhaustive and is highly dependent on the area in which you are hiring, so a quick search on similar professional and networking associations in your area would do the trick to help you hire the most relevant candidates.


3. Social Media

Is there any other social media platform you can use to recruit tech professionals besides LinkedIn? The answer is a firm yes. Other platforms such as Facebook, GitHub and Twitter can also be a useful aid in sourcing and recruiting tech talent, especially if these candidates are not found on traditional job boards like LinkedIn, Monster or Indeed.


However, candidates may not reveal their full professional experience on more platforms traditionally designed for personal and social use. New AI tools such as Scout that can use social media as an additional lens to evaluate candidates will be a huge time saver for any recruiter looking through multiple platforms and websites.


4. Employee Referrals

One of the more reliable ways of recruiting is through employee referrals. Organisations can incentivise employee referrals by offering benefits and rewards to employees with successful referrals, which can increase the likelihood of your organisation recruiting talent that is not only strong and relevant, but also trustworthy and reliable, which can eliminate much of the unpredictability of the hiring process.


Indeed, the effectiveness of employee referrals cannot be stated enough. According to Zippia, referral hires have higher retention rates compared to job board hires. Employee referrals also make up between 30-40 per cent of all hires, with referral hires costing $1,000 less per hire compared to other sources of hiring. With the benefits of employee referral programmes being undeniable, implementing an employee referral programme will likely save your organisation a lot of time, money, and increase the likelihood of onboarding more reliable and top-quality candidates.


5. Recruiting Firms

If you struggle finding relevant and strong candidates by yourself or through an in-house recruitment team, or you simply have no time or resources to recruit talent on your own, you can consider another great option: working with a recruitment firm or agency.


Recruiting Firms


These recruitment firms specialise in helping companies, ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations, find and hire top talent and often boast a larger talent network and database that will help increase your chances of finding top tech talent for y our organisation. Employing the help of a recruitment agency, especially one that specialises in recruitment for tech professionals such as HackerTrail, can result in significant time savings and reduced strain on your resources.


If you are still undecided between whether you should rely on in-house hiring or engage the help of a recruitment agency, take a look at this guide that will help you evaluate between the two options.


6. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Powered Tools to Make Sourcing Easier

While technology has helped the recruitment process in a variety of ways such as in the screening and interviewing stages, one way in which recruiters can double down on their sourcing efforts is through the use of an AI-powered sourcing tool such as Scout. Scout takes away the pain of manual sourcing by helping recruiters cut down on their sourcing time by 50%. It finds and ranks the most suitable tech candidates for job vacancies in less than a minute and helps recruiters double their fill rates. If you want to save yourself the pain of spending hours finding the right candidates, try Scout for free and get started in less than a minute.


AI-Powered Tools to Make Sourcing Easier



Sourcing and hiring talent, especially tech talent, can be a difficult endeavour and relying only on LinkedIn is not the most efficient way to go about it. The strategies outlined above can help expand and maximise your reach to a greater volume of quality candidates, allowing you to hire the best talent for your organisation’stun needs.


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