Engage Fresh Graduates

To cut through the noise of inflated titles and convoluted descriptions, we designed Litmus to cut straight to the chase in assessing a candidate’s technical proficiency.
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Graduate Hiring Benefits

How Does it Work?

We develop a custom campaign attracting university students through:

Tailored Outreach in Social Media and Direct Marketing

With our established partnerships with both local and overseas tertiary institutions, in addition to our expertise in leveraging social media, we are able to bring more attention to our hiring programmes.

Team Discussion about social media connectivity
Graduate Hiring Job Openings

Build Your Tech Community

Showcase your organization’s culture and values with your very own community microsite, exclusively for your employees and our community of techies to interact with. Answer queries and highlight your organization’s strengths, post any jobs that open up, demonstrate to potential hires why they should choose you.

Thought Leadership Webinars

Contribute back to the community by organizing content-rich webinars that showcase the strength of your tech talent, how you innovate and solve complex problems using cutting-edge technologies. Techies identify with this and look for companies that think about changing the status quo.

Unveiling Product Management
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Host Tournaments

Techies love a challenge and there’s nothing they love more than besting their peers. Host mini tournaments with a real time leaderboard and provide a platform where they can pit their wits against each other.


How proficient is a candidate in a particular language? Put him to the test using our assessments engine, Litmus, to find out.

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Tech Assessment Results

Recruitment Events

Finding the perfect fit takes time but the luxury of time is just not something every organization has. In our recruitment events, you get to meet, interview, and shortlist up to 50 of the most suitable talents in one day. Perfect for when you are pressed for time or looking to build out an entire team of techies quickly.

How Our Clients Have Benefitted

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our clients loved about our approach to graduate hiring.

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We were recommended HackerTrail when we needed to find a front-end junior developer at very short notice.

The quality of the recommended candidates was generally very high. We ended up filling the position and hiring one of the other candidates into a different role. The team were a great help in defining the candidates we were looking for.
Will - HackerTrail Client

Will Wayne

CTO, Howdy
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This was our very first HackerHunt event and I have to say that it far exceeded our expectations. What really impressed me was the level of energy, the minute the candidates came in we really had a nice vibe and high level of energy. We really look forward to bringing a lot of new talents into the organisation.
Catherine Chia - HackerTrail Client

Catherine Chia

SVP & Head, Human Resources, Starhub
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Instead of going out to the campuses, we are bringing them into our organization, having them understand what we are about in terms of our organization structure, culture, and meeting up with our management team. These are the kinds of experiences you can’t replicate just going out to the respective campuses.

Jeffrey - HackerTrail Client

Jeffrey Chiam

Head of Human Resources, Bank of Singapore
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UOB was seeking to build our own technology talent through a multi-track graduate recruitment programme. The target group was fresh graduates from STEM and across different faculties.

We partnered HackerTrail, who planned the campaign with us from start to end including tech assessments and tournaments. The HackerTrail team was phenomenal – and together, we achieved better than desired outcome for the recruitment campaign.
Jay Chan - HackerTrail Client

Jay Chan

Executive Director, Head of Talent Acquisition, Group Human Resources, UOB

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By working with a recruitment agency, talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers can streamline or automate certain aspects of the recruiting process, such as sourcing, screening, and interviewing prospects. This will in turn free up more time for you to spend on exploring and planning more strategic recruiting initiatives.
No, HackerTrail’s proprietary technology helps shortlist only the most suitable talent for your needs, and when you decide to take action on the shortlist, our talent advocates will work with you to perform the requisite administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews, negotiating, and managing offers.