How To Write A Resignation Letter (Templates Included)

Resignation Letter Template

Congratulations! You have decided on a career move! The reasons for a career move could be wanting to leave a toxic work culture, receiving an exciting offer letter, deciding to freelance, foraying into entrepreneurship, or just travelling the world. But irrespective of the reasons, a well-written resignation letter will ensure you leave your current company on a happy note and maintain a strong relationship with your current employer and colleagues for years to come.  


To begin with, instead of sending a resignation email first, inform your manager either face-to-face or via video/audio call about your decision explaining why you want to quit your job. This will also give them plenty of time to prepare. 


Once you have informed your manager, the next step is to submit your resignation letter to officiate the resignation process. 


However, writing a good resignation letter could be daunting. Therefore, we have put together some useful information on how to write a resignation letter: 


Tips For Writing a Resignation Letter 


  • Get to the point 

Your resignation letter should clearly state your intention to leave the company. At the same time, it should not look too blunt, but display courtesy and compassion. 

Without any sugar-coating, you just have to mention that you have decided to resign from your position at the company. The detailed reasons for quitting the job should also be avoided in the resignation letter but, of course, you can discuss them with your manager. 


  • Be grateful 

Your resignation letter is the time when you should appreciate all the good things that happened to you on your work front. Show your gratitude to your employer for the opportunities you got, thank the teams you have worked with and your manager for guiding you throughout. 


  • Offer help in transitioning 

Once you have quit, a smooth knowledge transfer becomes your responsibility. Work upon a transition plan with the team to share detailed project handovers, documentation, etc. Also proactively, reach out to concerned personnel for the processes and formalities related to the exit. Also, if the company hires a replacement before you leave, you can offer to train this new employee. 


  • Refrain from complaining 

Even if you are leaving due to toxic work culture, or due to your manager, a teammate, or due to lack of opportunities at work, never include that in the resignation email or letter.    

Your resignation is not the time to spread negativity but rather it demands you to exit professionally and gracefully. 

Also, this letter is a formal documentation of you leaving the company and will be kept for the record. And the last thing you want someone revisiting this letter is to get bitter feelings. 


  • Provide your contact information 

Networking is an important aspect of professional success. So, stay in touch with your manager and peers even after you leave. Who knows they might lead you to a new door of opportunities. You can provide your contact information like your personal phone number, email address, a link to a social handle such as LinkedIn, etc. 


  • Be prepared 

As soon as you hand over your resignation, your manager might counteroffer through better remuneration or role. It is better to be ready for such a conversation beforehand. 


Layout For Resignation Letter 

A resignation letter has to be formal, crisp and follow a proper format with all the necessary components, proper spacing, avoiding any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Enclose the letter in a resignation email after ensuring it contains the following information: 


Must have’s: 

  • Your contact information 
  • Your manager’s contact information 
  • Statement of resignation 
  • Statement of gratitude 
  • Signature 


Good to have:

  • Offer to help with the transition  
  • Expressing gratitude to specific people 
  • Personal contact details to stay in touch 


To be excluded: 

  • Too much detail 
  • Personal attacks 
  • Anything negative in general 


Resignation Letter Sample Template 

Keeping the above points in mind, here’s is a resignation letter sample template for your reference: 


Current Employer name, 

Company address,  

Town / City, 



Dear (manager’s name), 


<Mention Intention to resign>  

I am writing to resign from the position of (job title) at (company name). As per the notice period, my last working day will be (leaving date). 


<Express Gratitude> 

I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure at (company name), and I am grateful to you for giving me so many wonderful opportunities and amazing teams to work with. 


<Offer help>  

Before I depart from the company, I’ll help with the knowledge transfer and prepare handover notes for all of my current responsibilities.  


<Sign off on a positive note>  

Thank you for my time with (company name). I wish you and (company name) all the best for the future. 


Yours sincerely, 

<Your first and last name > 


<Contact number> 

<email address> 


If you have got a new opportunity, use a resignation letter to document your desire to quit and to let the employer know that your service to the company in the particular position is coming to an end. But before you finalise your resignation letter based on the points given in this article, do check with your company HR for specific guidelines or a template that you may need to follow.   


Best wishes for your future endeavour!