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We’ve had the pleasure of working with over 125 companies including startups, scale-ups and MNCs in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.
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The people of HackerTrail

We Work with Fortune 500 Companies

Accenture - HackerTrail Client
Air Asia - HackerTrail Client
Aviva - HackerTrail Client
Bank of Singapore - HackerTrail Client
Capgemini - HackerTrail Client
DBS - HackerTrail Client
Dell - HackerTrail Client
StarHub - HackerTrail Client
Epam - HackerTrail Client
GOVTECH - HackerTrail Client
Micron Tech - HackerTrail Client
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StandardChartered - HackerTrail Client
Zuhlke - HackerTrail Client
DHL - HackerTrail Client
Visa - HackerTrail Client

And Fast-Growing Startups

Affinidi - HackerTrail Client
Appfire - HackerTrail Client
BitTitan - HackerTrail Client
Funding Societies - HackerTrail Client
Goodworker - HackerTrail Client
Janio - HackerTrail Client
Singlife - HackerTrail Client
TabSquare - HackerTrail Client
Mdaq - HackerTrail Client
Rewardz - HackerTrail Client
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Recruitment & Hiring Testimonials

HackerTrail Client Prem Bhagat - HR Director, Redmart

HR Director, Redmart (Singapore)

Prem Bhagat

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We hired five people within five weeks of using HackerTrail. Conversations with candidates have been stupendous and the people we hired were from top companies within our industry.

The feedback from the RedMart team has been amazing, the quality of the candidates and the level of seriousness took everyone by surprise.

Will - HackerTrail Client

CTO, Howdy (Singapore)

Will Wayne

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We were recommended HackerTrail when we needed to find a front-end junior developer at very short notice.

The quality of the recommended candidates was generally very high. We ended up filling the position and hiring one of the other candidates into a different role. The team were a great help in defining the candidates we were looking for.

HackerTrail Client - Setu Chokshi Head of Data Science, Property Guru

Head of Data Science, PropertyGuru (Singapore)

Setu Chokshi

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At first I was very skeptical of the speed interviewing process, but within a couple of hours we had filled our pipeline with good quality candidates for Data Analysts and Data Engineers and offers made within a couple of weeks. Tushar and his team did a perfect choreograph of the event and it was seamless. Despite my initial apprehensions, I will certainly go over the process again with Hackerhunt to fill in any vacancies I may have in the future

HackerTrail Client

Deputy Director, GovTech (Singapore)

Effandi Amir

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We really enjoyed the evening where we were able to bring in all the different kinds of talents coming from various technical backgrounds and expertise all within a single event. 

Catherine Chia - HackerTrail Client

SVP & Head, Human Resources, Starhub (Singapore)

Catherine Chia

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This was our very first HackerHunt event and I have to say that it far exceeded our expectations. What really impressed me was the level of energy, the minute the candidates came in we really had a nice vibe and high level of energy. We really look forward to bringing a lot of new talents into the organisation.

HackerTrail Client - Jacqueline Lim Senior Director, GovTech

Senior Director, GovTech (Singapore)

Jacqueline Lim

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The quality of the candidates that attended the event whom of which I interviewed were fantastic. The way the interviews were done was very refreshing and unique. The candidates were comfortable and had the opportunity to chat and network.

Jeffrey - HackerTrail Client

Head of Human Resources, Bank of Singapore (Singapore)

Jeffrey Chiam

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Instead of going out to the campuses, bringing them into our organization, having them understand what we are about in terms of our organization structure, culture, and meeting up with our management team. These are the kinds of experiences you can’t replicate just going out to the respective campuses.

HackerTrail Client - Eric Woo Talent Acquisition Lead, Affinidi

Talent Acquisition Lead, Affinidi (Singapore)

Eric Woo

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It never is about the size or how strong a track record the Recruitment Agency or executive search company is but how much understanding and effort put into our business that matters and I am glad to have HackerTrail as part of our key panel of recruiters. Not only have they managed to recommend top Tech talents, they were able to help build our tech team in India and managed to help place over 80% of tech talents for our new tech hub in India on top of Singapore’s placements. Thank you HackerTrail.
Iryani - HackerTrail Client

Senior Recruiter, Zuhlke (Singapore)

Iryani Kamal​

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HackerTrail has one of the best interview-to-offer ratio amongst all of our recruitment partners. I believe this is due to their top-notch service which includes consistent follow-ups, active listening, and hiring experienced recruitment professionals within their team. Looking forward to even more successful hires with our continued partnership.

Janio - HackerTrail Client

CPO, Janio (Singapore & Indonesia)

Piyush Agrawal

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The quality of candidates sourced by HackerTrail is extremely good. It saves a lot of time so that we can focus on interacting with the best candidates only. Additionally, the level of client support is unparalleled!

Sankaran - HackerTrail Client

CTO, Tabsquare (Singapore, Indonesia & India)

Sankaran Sreeraman

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We found and hired a full stack engineer within two weeks of engaging with HackerTrail. The product was quick to setup, easy to monitor and provided us with many interesting candidates.

We turned to HackerTrail after disappointing results from job boards which brought us a lot of irrelevant profiles, with low volume and at a high price. HackerTrail is definitely the best way to go.

Bipasha Sarkar - HackerTrail

Regional Director of Business Operations, Appfire

Bipasha Sarkar

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Our association with HackerTrail has been very fruitful. We have been able to pick out some very capable and niche resources for our company. I am extremely impressed by the hard work that has been done on finding the right resource for our open roles by the the HackerTrail team. Looking forward to have a long term association with the team

Rishi Israni - HackerTrail

CEO, Zimplistic

Rishi Israni

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It was a pleasure working with HackerTrail. They are “breaking the mould” in the recruitment arena and are doing a fantastic job at it. They helped us source a candidate from outside Singapore for a difficult to fill role which had been open for six months!


Their approach and initiative for the same was very much appreciated and we are glad to have found a long term recruitment partner


Talent Acquisition Lead, Aviva

CJ Reynold

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It has been a pleasure partnering with HackerTrail. Aside from quality candidates, high levels of professionalism and service, they have also demonstrated a clear understanding of our business strategy and culture. It is very evident that they take a lot of pride in their work and their approach is a win win for both their clients and candidates. Looking forward to many more success stories with HackerTrail!

Client Testimonials

Executive Director, Head of Talent Acquisition, Group Human Resources, UOB

Jay Chan

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UOB was seeking to build our own technology talent through a multi-track graduate recruitment programme. The target group was fresh graduates from STEM and across different faculties. We partnered HackerTrail, who planned the campaign with us from start to end including tech assessments and tournaments. The HackerTrail team was phenomenal – and together, we achieved better than desired outcome for the recruitment campaign.

Cybersecurity Manager, PCS Security

Charles Phua

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As a service provider to the government agencies, our requirements for candidates are hard to fill. Many recruitment agencies failed and gave up. HackerTrail was recommended and we were very pleased with their results of successfully filling multiple roles in the first few weeks. They have started to work with us in the different tech departments now and have proven themselves to be a strong and trusted partner in our hiring expansion.

Technical Assessments Testimonials

Steven - HackerTrail Client

Director of Government Digital Services, GovTech

Steven K

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Traditional hiring process takes months to find the right talent. HackerTrail helped us to find candidates who are genuinely interested and technically capable for the job.

Using HackerTrail we saved ~ 200 candidates x 90 minutes each of interview time!

Ian - HackerTrail Client

VP Talent Acquisition, DBS

Ian Goh

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We used HackerTrail for our campus recruitment at DBS, specifically to create awareness and buzz amongst tech graduates. The outcome was very successful.

HackerTrail’s online assessments and offline engagement helped us greatly in meeting our headcount projection. We are happy to bring HackerTrail back for a repeat engagement.

Gaurav - HackerTrail Client

Vice President, CapGemini

Gaurav M

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HackerTrail proved to be very successful for our graduate hiring in Singapore. Given the quality of candidates we received, we ended up hiring 15 people instead of 10. Our candidates enjoyed the experience of cracking challenges, and my team found the platform simple and intuitive to navigate.

We will be engaging HackerTrail for our future roles in the region. I wanted to send this formal appreciation to you and the whole team. Well done, team HackerTrail!

Doris - HackerTrail

Group Human Resources, DBS

Doris Loh

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Hackertrail works well with JIM, our AI Recruiter. The coding assessment coupled with other online assessments, ie cognitive and psychometric, is a scientific way of assessing the applicants. The enhanced features on HT, ie dashboard, video recording helped loads in shortlisting of the applicants during the recruitment peak. The technical support team at HT provided excellent support whenever the recruiter or the applicants encountered issues with coding assessment, ie candidates report, webcam denied etc.
Doris - HackerTrail



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What I love about HackerTrail is they are open to feedback and willing to adapt to build their solutions enabling win-win outcomes. We use HackerTrail for hiring data scientists in multiple geographies and the platform’s flexibility allowed us to have greater self-service in how we administer our assessments to our candidates. We have used HackerTrail successfully for many years to recruit high caliber talent and save time ✌️.

Recruitment Events Testimonials

Aditi Jain - HackerTrail

VP Talent Acquisition, UOB

Aditi Jain

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I’m glad that I decided to work with HackerTrail, they give you a glimpse of how flawlessly hiring events can be conducted. We used them first time that too on a niche requirement. There was a lot of ambiguity but Tushar and his team instilled the confidence that they will deliver. They ensured that we had a 93% turnout from the shortlisted candidates, HackerTrail’s team was on their toes the whole evening to ensure that the logistics are managed well and we ended up hiring 10 resources from one event night. It was such a refreshing experience to work with them and they are our default partners for future events

Ishan Agrawal - HackerTrail

CTO, Funding Societies

Ishan Agrawal

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HackerTrail has been a great hiring partner for us and has helped us grow our tech team with their innovative approach and high level of service

03 Oct, 2020

CodeBOSS @ Bank of Singapore, Powered by HackerTrail

On 03 October 2020, we partnered with Bank of Singapore to host CodeBOSS. An event for students to get to know Bank of Singapore better and an opportunity to network and meet technologists.

19 Nov, 2019

HackerTrail @ GovTech

GovTech with HackerTrail hosted an exclusive recruitment event on 19 November 2019

05 Oct, 2019

HackerTrail @ AirAsia Kuala Lumpur

HackerTrail organized an exclusive recruitment event for AirAsia at their RedQ headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

05 Sep, 2019

HackerHunt for Product Managers & Software Developers

HackerHunt is HackerTrail’s very own recruitment event with an added twist. Unlike a traditional recruitment drive, HackerHunt combines the interview process with speed and quality. At our event, all candidates are guaranteed to meet directly with all participating employers individually

24 July, 2019

HackerHunt for Software Developers

On 24th July 2019, we organized our HackerHunt for Software Developers, where we used our proprietary sourcing and screening approach to shortlist 5154 applications into 45 eager, pre-vetted interview candidates.

25 June, 2019

HackerHunt for Software Developers

On 25th June 2019, we organised our HackerHunt for Software Developers, where we used our proprietary sourcing and screening approach to shortlist 1347 applications into 50 eager, pre-vetted interview candidates.

11 June, 2019

StarHub Exclusive Recruitment Event

On 11 June 2019, HackerTrail partnered with StarHub to run an exclusive recruitment event.

14 May, 2019

Women in Tech

On 14th May 2019, we ran our HackerHunt at Singtel’s George Street HQ. It was an unusual event for us, in that it was focused exclusively on “Women in Tech”, but the results speak for themselves

25 Apr, 2019

Bank of Singapore's Recruitment Event

On 11 June 2019, HackerTrail partnered with StarHub to run an exclusive recruitment event.