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HackerTrail’s mission is to connect top talent with leading companies in Singapore, India, and abroad. By leveraging proprietary AI tools and machine learning models to source the right talent, we accelerate the outreach process by 5 times.

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HackerTrail Services

HackerTrail Tech Recruitment Agency Provides Contingency Search for All Levels in Tech

Contingency Search for All Levels

HackerTrail handles hiring all the way from consultation to closing of a tech role. We're first to outreach, and believe in close working relationships with both clients and candidates.

Hackertrail Team at Recruitment Events

Onsite Events in Singapore & India

Handled from start to finish by our operations team, recruitment events help companies hire quickly and with volume. Highly curated candidates result in several hires in a single day.

HackerTrail Tech Recruitment Agency in Singapore and India can help clients conduct technical skills assessment test

Technical Skill Assessments

With over 100 tech assessments available, HackerTrail's own Litmus software can handle all technical interview needs. No more worrying if candidates are sufficiently qualified.

HackerTrail Tech Recruitment Agency uses Scout AI Sourcing Tool

AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing

HackerTrail uses cutting-edge AI tool Scout to find top tech talent faster than any other agency. It's not only faster, but also ultra efficient and matches candidates' experience to a job's top needs.

Why Choose Us?

Tech Recruitment Agency HackerTrail commitment to client satisfaction

Our Commitment to Client Satisfaction

We save clients time and money by landing top recruits faster than other generalist agencies.

For our candidates, we offer only vetted jobs that promise value and potential career development.

Our Expertise in Tech Recruitment

With a core specialty in tech roles, HackerTrail understands a role's technical aspects and responsibilities down to the last line of code.

Our extensive candidate database gives us deeper insight into a person's strengths, thanks to our focus on tech roles.

Recruitment agency HackerTrail specialises in tech hires and finding tech talent
HackerTrail Stands Apart as a Recruitment Agency thanks to its utilisation of tech and AI to find better candidates

Our Innovative Approach to Recruitment

Traditional staffing agencies are inefficient and often purely transactional.

HackerTrail uses a combination of smart technology, artificial intelligence, and the human touch to help companies hire.

HackerTrail is a leading tech recruitment agency in Singapore and India, with 1,000+ candidates placed for more than 170 clients worldwide. We serve micro-sized startups all the way up to Fortune 500 corporations. Our candidates hail from every country in the ASEAN region.

Accenture - HackerTrail Client
Dell - HackerTrail Client
Air Asia - HackerTrail Client
StarHub - HackerTrail Client
Aviva - HackerTrail Client
Epam - HackerTrail Client
Bank of Singapore - HackerTrail Client
GOVTECH - HackerTrail Client
Capgemini - HackerTrail Client
Micron Tech - HackerTrail Client
DBS - HackerTrail Client
NTUC - HackerTrail Client
Affinidi - HackerTrail Client
DHL - HackerTrail Client
Visa - HackerTrail Client

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Our Process


HackerTrail Recruitment Process - Understand Client Needs

Understand Client Needs

A good hire begins with a clear understanding of a job’s main responsibilities and unique selling points. 

Call or meet with our consultant for a confidential discussion


HackerTrail Recruitment Process - Source and Screen for Tech Talent

Source & Screen for the Best Talent

We focus on outbound sourcing techniques to achieve a wide top funnel. 

A thorough screening process ensures that expectations on both sides are aligned. On average, we shortlist only the top 5% of candidates to clients. 


HackerTrail Recruitment Agency shortlists and presents only the top candidates to clients

Present Qualified Candidates

Your consultant will help you review the shortlist and select top candidates, and ensure a healthy funnel of new talent to help you move on to the interview stage. 


HackerTrail Recruitment Process - Interview Selected Candidates

Schedule Candidate Interviews

Our consultants provide timely reminders to keep all parties on schedule, and prepped, for each round of interview.


HackerTrail Tech Recruitment Agency Will Help to Negotiate Offers and Salaries on the Client's Behalf

Facilitate Offers & Negotiations

Once interviews are completed and you are happy to extend an offer, HackerTrail can negotiate with the candidate on your behalf, and work as ambassadors for your brand, highlighting the benefits of developing a career with you. 

Roles We Specialise In

Tech job roles that recruitment agency HackerTrail specialises in

What Clients Say About HackerTrail

Hear what our clients loved about our approach to hiring and what makes this recruitment agency different.

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At first I was very skeptical of the speed interviewing process, but within a couple of hours we had filled our pipeline with good quality candidates for Data Analysts and Data Engineers and offers made within a couple of weeks.

Tushar and his team did a perfect choreograph of the event and it was seamless. Despite my initial apprehensions, I will certainly go over the process again with Hackerhunt to fill in any vacancies I may have in the future
HackerTrail Client - Setu Chokshi Head of Data Science, Property Guru

Setu Chokshi

Head of Data Science, Property Guru
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It never is about the size or how strong a track record the Recruitment Agency or executive search company is but how much understanding and effort put into our business that matters and I am glad to have HackerTrail as part of our key panel of recruiters.

Not only have they managed to recommend top Tech talents, they were able to help build our tech team in India placing over 80% of tech talents for our new tech hub in India, on top of Singapore’s placements. Thank you HackerTrail.

HackerTrail Client - Eric Woo Talent Acquisition Lead, Affinidi

Eric Woo

Talent Acquisition Lead, Affinidi
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We hired five people within five weeks of using HackerTrail. Conversations with candidates have been stupendous and the people we hired were from top companies within our industry.

The feedback from the RedMart team has been amazing, the quality of the candidates and the level of seriousness took everyone by surprise.
HackerTrail Client Prem Bhagat - HR Director, Redmart

Prem Bhagat

HR Director, Redmart
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The quality of the candidates that attended the event whom of which I interviewed were fantastic. The way the interviews were done was very refreshing and unique. The candidates were comfortable and had the opportunity to chat and network.
HackerTrail Client - Jacqueline Lim Senior Director, GovTech

Jacqueline Lim

Senior Director, GovTech

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about HackerTrail or recruitment agencies? Browse the FAQs below or just drop us a message.
By working with a recruitment agency, talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers can streamline or automate certain aspects of the recruiting process, such as sourcing, screening, and interviewing prospects. This will in turn free up more time for you to spend on exploring and planning more strategic recruiting initiatives.
No, HackerTrail’s proprietary technology helps shortlist only the most suitable talent for your needs, and when you decide to take action on the shortlist, our talent advocates will work with you to perform the requisite administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews, negotiating, and managing offers.
Besides tapping on the extensive experience of our recruiters who have screened over 300 candidates in the last 8 years, HackerTrail also uses its proprietary technology, Litmus, which carefully evaluates a candidate’s technical ability. This candidate assessment tool is trusted by over 100 teams worldwide, such as Dell, AirAsia, and Bank of Singapore, to cut through the noise and accurately determine a candidate’s technical proficiency.
We work with clients of all sizes, from startups and small businesses, to scale-ups, to multinational corporations.
A job description and a 1-1 consultation with our recruitment specialists.
Most of our candidates hail from the Southeast Asia and APAC region. This focus allows us to find top talent who fit more closely to our clients’ needs.
Our consultants have an average of 7 years of recruitment experience.

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