About Us


In the pursuit of helping people find
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Who are we

HackerTrail is a recruitment solutions company headquartered in Singapore.


We specialize in sourcing the best IT and technology professionals from multiple geographies and then helping them connect with organizations that would be the best match for their talents.


We achieve this through the use of our proprietary data-driven technology solutions in tandem with working in partnership with our clients to identify techies who have the right skills and are aligned with the organization’s culture, vision, and values.

Our Mission

At HackerTrail, we aim to connect talent with opportunity, as efficiently and effectively as possible.


For Tech Professionals – we help them grow their careers and become the best version of themselves. It is this desire to help techies which drives us – whether that be through helping them develop and practice their skills, preparing for interviews or connecting them with the right opportunities or people exactly when they need it.


For Employers – We help you make the hiring process a predictable one by doing the heavy lifting with our proprietary technology so you only engage talent who have been assessed to be a good fit for your business, saving you time and money.

Our solutions

We work with Fortune 500 companies & fast growing startups

The people of HackerTrail.

Comprised of only the most talented individuals, each specialists in their areas of expertise and industry, our HackerTrail Blazers pride themselves on continuously creating value for our clients and community and consistently delivering only their best.


Tushar Tejuja

Managing Director

Hariz Chan

Business Development Lead

Mihir Khandekar


Ng Zhi Cong

Marketing Associate

Deepa Aravindan

Head of Operations

Fahad Ahmed

Business Development Lead

Bryan Eng


Aitor Fernandez

Talent Advocate

Wee Liat

Head of Tech

Dayna Chiam

Talent Advocate

Daryl Kuah

Growth Marketer

Paramvir Singh

Talent Advocate

Mag Kuwalek

Head of Marketing

Sherman Lim

UX Designer

Ryan Tan

Talent Advocate

Siti Maizurah

People & Culture

Ena Lim

Head of Product

Cheah Yuen Chin

Talent Advocate

Cindy Liow

Finance & Operations


Kew Jia Jun



Chandrakanth Patthi

Delivery Manager

Srikanth Rakindi

Talent Advocate

Kiran Kumar

Delivery Manager

Pavan Kunchala

Customer Support

Abhignan K

Talent Advocate

Rajashekar Reddy Bekkeri

SEO Manager

Delip Kumar

Talent Advocate

Maruthi Gudi

Talent Advocate

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