I Accepted a Job Offer But Got Another Interview

I Accepted a Job Offer But Got Another Interview

Scenario 1: For the past couple of months, you have been rigorously looking for a job and interviewing simultaneously at several companies. You try to delay acceptance of any job offer lest you miss the best one. But, when the deadline for one of the companies just approaches, you end up accepting a job offer that is decent but not an ideal one. Just 2 days before your joining, you receive an interview call that you have been hoping for a long time!


Scenario 2: It’s only been a week at your new company. You are still adjusting to your workplace when your dream company sends you an interview call.


You are in such a dilemma. “I accepted a job offer but got another interview. What do I do now? Should I accept a job offer and continue to interview? Or should I decline the interview instead?


If you are stuck in a similar situation and are confused about what to do next, read on to find answers to all your questions.


Can you back out of a job offer after accepting? 

Technically yes, you can always back out from a job offer. So you can back out, but should you back out?


Ideally, even interviewing after accepting a job offer is not a great thing to do. However, sometimes it is unavoidable. There is no right or wrong way about it, but you need to think through all the possibilities before you make the decision.


Always consider your priorities. You were job hunting to scale up your career. So, you need to decide which job is important to your professional growth.


One job may offer you more remuneration, while the other job suits your skillset. One may have a better work culture, while the other gives better work opportunities. You need to carefully choose what is more important in this phase of your career, money, title, skills, amazing work culture or great opportunities.

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What can be the repercussions of interviewing after accepting a job offer?

Let’s assume that you accepted an interview request from another company after accepting a job offer, and you crack it too. Now you are thinking about how to decline a job offer after accepting.


Declining an offer or quitting a job you just joined shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, before you write that email or resignation letter, you should consider the consequences it might have.


For one, declining an offer after accepting it will dim your chances of working with the company in future. Moreover, if you worked with a recruitment firm or an internal hiring manager to secure your current job, declining the offer will ruin your relationship with them.


Also, remember that the world is a small place and the corporate world is even smaller and people do talk about negative experiences far more than positive ones. So yes, the recruiter, managers, or employees who were a part of your hiring process might spread the word around about your renege which can impact your reputation.


What if you decide to stick with the original job offer?

After thinking about all the aspects, if staying with the current offer or job seems the best fit for you, then ensure to decline the new interview gracefully.  Explain that while you are extremely interested in working with them, you can’t do that at the moment out of integrity.


By accepting the offer, you have given your word to the new employer and you don’t want to renege.  By showing your integrity, you will make a good impression on the company whose offer or interview you are declining. There is a huge chance that they will keep you in mind when they hire for a similar position later. To ensure that happens, stay in active contact with them, network and maintain a good relationship with some employees or hiring team to hear about any opportunities.


Is it possible to avoid such a situation in future?

While there is no sure shot way to avoid an interview call or an appointment letter after accepting a job offer, the below pointers can help you avoid them to a certain extent:

  • Accepting a job just for the sake of having a job often backfires. Sometimes, we accept a position out of necessity such as economic needs but end up regretting it later. If at all possible, avoid taking on roles unless they are a good fit for you.
  • Always negotiate for additional time to consider a job offer. This enables you to follow up with companies where you have pending applications to notify them that you have an offer and wish to proceed with them before making a final decision. Many companies will keep you in consideration if they are serious about your candidacy.
  • Always be clear about what you require and desire in your next position. This will prevent you from settling for less or possibly going for a role that isn't right for you.


You need to carefully consider all the points before you finalize whether to stay with the current offer or go with the new one. If you decide to go with the new offer, then make sure to express gratitude to the employer for the opportunity they gave you. If there was anything in particular that you liked about the company, mention that too.


Also, it is a good idea to thank the people who were a part of your selection process. Because you never know when you might run into them again. If you stay with the current offer, give your best to the job without second thoughts.

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