Community Guidelines

HackerTrail Community Guidelines

  1. Let’s make the HackerTrail Community a friendly and inclusive place where techies feel at home. Creating a community is a joint effort between you and our team, so we’ve outlined some helpful tips on how to go about contributing to our community.


    1. Asking Questions
      Before you ask your question, see if someone else has posted a similar question about the topic in our community already and give that a like instead. If no one has asked your question, make sure the question you’re asking has been worded clearly and check for any grammar and spelling mistakes.
    2. Answering Questions
      Contribute meaningfully to questions by outlining a clear and easy-to-understand answer. Remember to be respectful and encouraging, and don’t undermine the user posting it. If the question has already been answered, check if your answer is different and consider whether it will value-add before posting.
    3. Updates
      We encourage you to post any relevant updates that you would like to share in our community. Examples of updates would be your interview preparation approach or a job offer that you are excited to share.
    4. Your work
      It’s always great to know what you’re getting to learn at work and sharing that in the community could serve as a great feedback mechanism. Let us know your latest side project or a blog post you recently wrote that you want to share.
    5. Share your resources
      Another way to help others in the community is to share any helpful resources that you’ve come across. Remember to include the link and give a short write up on what the resource covers and how it can benefit.
    6. Visual assets
      Other forms of posts such as memes, exciting information, or news you would like to share are encouraged as long as they don’t violate our community guidelines. Remember to give credit where it is due if the post is not yours by giving the author a link or mentioning them.
    7. What if I don’t have anything to post?
      If you don’t have anything to post, that’s okay, as you can always participate in other ways in our community (like, share, comment). Check out what others are up to in our newsfeed and like or comment on their posts instead.


Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Any form of public or private harassment includes but is not limited to bullying, bigotry, sexual harassmentdirect or indirect threats and more.
  • Publishing other users’ private information without their explicit permission.
  • Sharing false or misleading information such as SCAM invitations.
  • Engaging in the spam or trolling that disrupts the community.
  • Promotion of company products unless you are doing a genuine sharing. If you wish to promote your company products, please contact us at for further discussion.


As our community grows, it might become more challenging for us to track posts that violate our community guidelines, so we’ll need your help reporting posts. Use the function available above each post in the top right-hand corner. If you find the case serious and repeatedly encounter the offender, you may escalate the issue to

We reserve the right to deny access to the community to the community members who do not respect the guidelines shared above.




DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is believed to be valid to the extent of the author’s knowledge and is subject to contain some errors. If you choose to use the information for your interview preparation, HackerTrail does not guarantee that you will receive a job offer.