5 Truths About Working With a Recruiter

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Finding a job can be overwhelming for most of us. In spite of your qualifications, skills, and position you may never hear back from hiring companies to your numerous job applications.


Tired of the search, you would want to find the right job as early as possible and you might have already considered going to a recruiter.


Certainly, recruiters can play an important role in your job search, act as the point of contact with potential employers and can guide you throughout the hiring process.


This article throws light on the things that you should know before going to a recruiter for jobs so that you gain the maximum out of this relationship.


1. Recruiters Want You to Land a Job

The greatest advantage of working with a recruiter is that they will constantly push and motivate you to land a job. Keep in mind that the recruiters have two main objectives: to help you find the right job and to help their clients (the hiring companies) find the best talent in the market to be a part of their team.


Therefore, it is important that you build a good relationship with recruiters and gain their trust. Influence them and convince them of the value you can add to their clients. Once they have confidence and belief in you, they can introduce you to the best opportunities.


Also, let them know your expectations in advance regarding the new opportunity as well the remuneration so that they can represent you better during the search and offer negotiation process. 


And when they come to you with an opportunity, evaluate all your options. Take your time to make a well-informed decision rather than accepting anything less than what you are worth.

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2. Recruiters can't tell you everything

Recruiters act as a bridge and work to the advantage of the candidate as well as the hiring company. To balance their working relationship, there are certain information that they are not able to reveal to you.


For instance, sometimes companies come up with positions that have nothing to do with a candidate’s qualification. Let’s say, an organization is looking to hire only female candidates to improve its diversity ratio. The recruiter can’t tell you the truth and you may feel dejected when told that you aren’t the right fit for the position. So next time a recruiter tells you that the company isn’t interested, don’t just start doubting your skills and experience. The reason could be something that is beyond one’s control and has nothing specifically to do with you.


To get a better understanding of what the gaps might be, ask the recruiter for feedback or the exact thing about your profile that did not match their requirement.  If the gaps are something that you can rectify by improving your resume, then make sure you refine and make the resume more relevant and impressive for future applications.


3. Direct access to hiring manager

Working with a recruiter gives you an upper hand in the job search process as the best ones always have a good working relationship with a hiring manager. They may have already placed more candidates previously and built teams for the hiring companies they work with. Consequently, they will know a great deal about each company they work with, the hiring manager preferences for the candidate, the company’s and the team’s goals.


Make the most of their knowledge by sharing your goals with them and asking any question that you might have about an opportunity. A good recruiter will be inclined to your goals and motivations rather than just thinking about his commission.


4. Recruiters Can Help with Interview Prep and Feedback

Sometimes even highly skilled and experienced candidates aren’t the best interviewees. However, great interview preparation can do wonders.


Recruiters want their candidates to be fairly assessed and land a job they have shown interest in. Also, it is in the recruiter’s interest to help you with the interview preparation.


Recruiters can provide more insights related to the format and scope of interview questions at different interview stages, and how best can you put across yourself in answering those questions.


Candidates who are well-prepared are more confident and deliver in-depth responses. This increases the likelihood of them being favoured by the panel of the interviewers, especially if the interview's focus is on detailed discussions of the candidates' major accomplishments.


Moreover, recruiters will be able to provide you feedback that the company’s HR would hardly provide. Thus, having someone dedicated to helping you with interview preparation, clear all your doubts, give insight to the company and the hiring manager will greatly improve your chances of getting the job.


5. Access to unlisted jobs and new opportunities

Building a good relationship with your recruiters could also mean getting yourself 'VIP access' to opportunities that you may not be aware of. Some companies have openings that aren’t listed on public job boards. Recruiters have several contacts across businesses and organizations which can get them access to many unlisted and exclusive jobs.


Even when considering posting a job on a portal, many hiring managers will go straight to the recruiter they deal with. This means you'll be the first to be made aware of the specific job you're looking for.


This also helps to set yourself out from the crowd. You'll no longer be just another resume in a stack, but a qualified prospect hand-picked by a trusted advisor.


Moreover, when you apply for an unlisted position, recruiters can make sure that companies notice your resume.


Going to a recruiter for jobs can be beneficial for your job search if you keep all the above points in mind. At the same time, you should still continue to reach out to your network for any relevant opportunities and invest time in building a strong personal brand so that you have more options to choose from.


As you progress in your career, there may come a time where you in turn will be looking to hire talent. Hence, work towards building a long term relationship with your recruiter. Be open and honest with them if you really want them to help.


So once the recruiter helps you get an interview, make sure you attend all the scheduled appointments with them and the hiring company.


Once you land a job that they referred to, it is always a good gesture to thank them and also stay in touch with them for future prospects. And why not pay it forward by spreading the good news!

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