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Shashank Kesherwani

Associate Director at Bank of Singapore

I liked the whole setup of having all the interviewers and management at one place in the event for quick assessment. Secondly the offer rollout happened at lightening speed which really demonstrates the professional attitude of Hackertrail and HR involved. Role at BOS is a good opportunity to build client facing applications and lead a team to deliver the technical solutions.


Senior Software Engineer at BitTitan

Parnika and HackerTrail helped me source for a job that suited my profile and interests. She also helped me prep up for the interview and was in constant touch with me throughout the process to keep me posted on the proceedings. Overall, it was a pleasant experience for me to work with HackerTrail’

Shao Wei

Data Scientist at Starhub

HackerTrail’s event was masterfully conceived and professionally executed. By taking into account the needs of various stakeholders, they were able to pull together an event that rapidly matches companies and jobseekers efficiently.

Andrea Yeo

Product Manager, Parcel Perform

I am really thankful for the recruiters at HackerTrail, who were amazing in being an advocate for me as an applicant and had helped me in so many ways – throughout the entire process of interviewing, negotiating my ideal salary package and eventually landing the role. Beyond their professionalism and dependability, what was most impressive about the team is how genuine they are in building the relationship with you as an individual. I cannot recommend HackerTrail enough, and I am heartened by their presence in the larger tech and product community to make things happen for both jobseekers and employers.

Mowgli Mecha

Senior Software Engineer at Deskera

HackerTrail is just the perfect tool for aspiring developers who are looking for the perfect job. I was a bit skeptical at first to try this platform but to my surprise it was the best experience of job hunting that i had. The people in Hackertrail also are the best workers. They will notify you the status of the application everytime. And special thanks to Dung who manage the events exceptionally well and gives advice to applicants like me.


Senior Engineering Manager at Airasia

I experienced a totally different level of the hiring process with HackerTrail. From the date I received a call from HackerTrail till receiving my official offer letter from AirAsia it only took about 1 week! I was surprised when they said the entire interview process, salary negotiation and getting an offer will only happen in one day only. That was exactly what I experienced in the hiring date!

I can say that the team is amazingly sharp, energetic, encouraging and supportive and I would highly recommend them to every company that is looking for flawless and organized hiring campaigns.

Ravi Gandhi

Software Engineer at Funding Societies

Hacker Trail has been very supportive since the time they first approached me, including the interview process and periodically asking me if I’m doing fine at my work place they have helped me find. I am working as FrontEnd Developer at Funding Societies and it’s been a very good working experience with this company so far. I really appreciate help of HackerTrail.

Greg Michael Meneses

Software Engineer at Zühlke Group

I have a very positive experience with Hackertrail. With the extraordinary circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, searching for a job is no easy feat. Thanks to Hackertrail especially with Abhignan and Dung for making it less stressful.

They were very helpful, responsive & professional throughout the recruiting process. The guidance and tips they had provided made me more prepared and confident going into my interviews. Highly recommended! Thanks guys!

Jan Schnegotzki

Software Engineer at Zühlke Group

“The application process with HackerTrail was a great experience, because the whole team was super-nice, quick to respond and prepared me thoroughly for the tasks at hand. They streamlined my contact with the employer and were essential in securing my new position. Recommended to anyone looking for a new job!”

Jerry Yu Gao

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead at EPAM Systems

Iwould like to say “Thank you” to HackerTrail, Dung Nguyen and her colleagues for the help they offered during my job search. They are professional, responsible and willing to put a lot of efforts to help the candidates to find good jobs. Unlike most recruiting firms, HackerTrail does not just push candidate’s resume to hiring manager. They actually took time to learn about candidates’ strength and weakness, helping to find the most suitable job opportunities which will match candidates’ expectations and profile. In addition, before the interviews, they scheduled professional briefing for the candidates’ preparation. They really provide significant help during my job searching process, and I believe they will achieve great success in the talent acquisitions.

Jason Rey

Senior Software Engineer at AirAsia

The experience has been overwhelmingly intimidating, in the greatest way possible. From the interview process, which is the most interesting and challenging interview that I’ve been through, to having to fit into the workstyle of a large corporate. I am grateful for this opportunity and happy with being able to get a role here in AirAsia.

Also, thank you so much for assisting me through since January to May. With a whole lot of uncertainty going on, I really appreciate you being there to respond to my worries.



Senior Technical Manager at Standard Chartered

I had a wonderful experience with hackertrail. The hackertrail team was very professional and assisted me through all the rounds of the interview process. They explained the role clearly to me and they were always there to clarify any doubts I had. Right from the preparation of the interview till the day of my joining , they were a great support. Highly recommended for people looking for a job change.

Ravi Mangal

SoC Verification Manager @ Micron Technology

I had a really nice experience working with Kiran during Micron hiring process. Kiran was always approachable for my queries. He followed up with recruiter when communication was slow from Micron’s end. Thanks a lot for the help throughout the entire process of hiring.

Abhijit Rao

Principal Engineer at Micron

HackerTrail team has been very professional in managing the entire hire process. Especially with experienced candidates they have shown the persistence in pursuing opportunities and guiding them accordingly until the end. Most candidates seek continued interaction during the various stages of hiring process, HackerTrail does a good job of it. I wish them all the best.


Fajar Ardian

Engineering Manager, Information Security at Funding Societies

After working for a large software company for close to a decade in Singapore, I wanted to get new experience in a startup company and went back to Jakarta to reunite with my family. I saw ads from HackerTrail and immediately contacted them. They quickly found a company that matched my criteria, arranged me for an interview, and even coached me on how to pass the interview. The whole process took less than three weeks. I am now working in FundingSocities/Modalku, one of the largest peer-to-peer lending platform in South East Asia, as an Engineering Manager.


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Ivan Pchelnikov

Senior Full Stack Engineer at WeConvene

In the beginning I shared with HackerTrail that I didn’t change the job during 9 years, so I feel a lot of uncertain during this process.


When the offer was signed, I have a one week without any communication with Employer, and I feel a bit uncomfortable. HackerTrail totally understood my situation and contacted me first, to say that there is no need to worry and it is a normal process of employment. They also contacted my new Employer, and asked them to contact me, just to make thing more clear for me. I was very very happy and feel comfortable after this.