Top 7 Websites to Learn Programming

Top 7 Websites to Learn Programming

Nowadays, there are various online resources that can help you learn programming even if you have no prior background. These online resources have an abundance of information, are easy to follow, and are full of hands-on exercise. But with so many resources available, how do you know which one is the right one for you?


Whether you’re looking to diversify your skills as a programmer, or completely new to programming and looking to learn, we’ve got you covered. To help you get started, we list the top websites to learn coding for free as well as other helpful online resources.


Free Websites to Learn Coding


1. CodeAcademy

learn coding at code academy

Free with paid membership to access exclusive resources

Codeacademy has tons of resources ranging from free videos to interactive tutorials, and they even have a mobile app so you can practice on the go. Aside from the courses they provide, they also give a comprehensive guide on your topics of interest sorted by programming languages and subjects. If you’re overwhelmed with all the resources, they have a quiz that can help you decide where to get started. To access premium resources, you’ll have to pay and become a member so you can enjoy selected courses, projects, and certifications.



  • Interactive programming tutorials
  • Comprehensive course outline

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2. FreeCodeCamp

learn coding freecodecamp



At freeCodeCamp, all the resources are completely free and so it’s great if you’re just looking to explore a lot of different skills. They have a huge number of resources with over 7000+ tutorials and 300 hours for each of its courses. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of courses provided, as they recommend the sequence in which you should take the courses if you’re a newbie. What’s special about this site is that you can get free verified certifications from each of the courses by completing 5 projects – which is great for building your portfolio as a programmer!



  • Free access to all resources
  • Free certification available



learn coding at


Free with selected paid courses

This site is optimal for practice as they conveniently have a hands-on coding environment in their browser, so you don’t need any set-up from your end. Another great thing about is that they give an outline on what courses you should take based on your career or skill of interest. These modules are filtered based on difficulty, and there are quizzes and challenges you can try out to test your knowledge.



  • Hands-on coding environment in browser
  • Modules sorted based on difficulty levels
  • Provides course outline based on career or skills of interest


4. The Odin Project

learn coding at the odin project



The Odin Project is a great resource if you’re aspiring to become a web developer. Everything is completely free as their philosophy is to empower web developers, so it’s a cool website to support. One unique thing about this site is that its curriculum is completely open source, meaning that anyone can contribute to the site. It’s really beginner friendly as you’ll need to complete a Foundation Path before going into the other learning pathways, so they ensure you’re all set before you chase more advanced content.



  • Free access to all resources
  • Guided projects you can add to your portfolio

Test your coding skills here


5. Edabit

learn coding at edabit



Edabit takes a different approach in teaching as they emphasize learning programming fast through bite-sized exercises and gamification. They have many challenges you can play to master your code, with increasing difficulty as you complete them and move on to harder challenges. As you complete challenges, you’ll gain XP and unlock achievements, so it's similar to a game format. If you’re the type of person that can’t commit to long, structured courses, this is perfect for you.



  • Free access to all resources
  • Short, easy to follow bite-sized content
  • Provides beginner tutorials


6. W3Schools

learn coding at w3schools


Free with paid advanced courses

If you’re a beginner, W3Schools is a great website for you to start your programming journey. They’re an educational website for learning code online with free courses, but you’ll have to pay for some of their more advanced learning. Their website has various features with quizzes for you to test your knowledge, as well as a fun game where you can test out your coding skills.



  • Beginner-friendly
  • Hands-on practice, quizzes, and games


7. Solo Learn

learn coding at solo learn


Free with paid membership option available for additional perks

Solo Learn is another great website to learn coding, especially for beginners or to recap on the basics of programming. When you complete their courses, you’ll earn a free certificate you can share on your social media or put up on your resume. They also provide a mobile app, so you can also choose between learning on your desktop or your phone. All their resources are free, but you can pay and upgrade to become a pro-user and enjoy perks such as unlimited practices and an ad-free experience.



  • Free access to all resources
  • Free certification available


Other Resources


Learning programming isn’t only limited to sites that teach courses on this field. You should identify what form of learning is best for you. For some, it may be learning from your peers; for others, it may be from watching videos. There are also a wide range of blogs out there that post on topics that can help you enhance your programming skills that you can check out here.


Here’s some other resources you can visit to enrich your learning journey:


Tech Community Platforms

  • Stackoverflow
  • HackerTrail Community
  • Dev Community


All the best!


We hope you find this article helpful and wish you all the best in your learning journey. Let us know if you would like to see more content like this.

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