These 5 HR Influencers are Changing the Recruiting Landscape

Top 5 HR Influencers are Changing the Recruiting Landscape

Why Follow HR Influencers?

The human resources (HR) and recruitment landscape is constantly changing, which is why it is crucial for industry practitioners to remain on top of the latest trends, news, and developments. One way to keep up with that is by following influential and impactful experts, thought leaders, and thinkers in the industry who share their insights based on their wealth of experience.


In this challenging time where many firms are freezing their hiring or retrenching employees altogether, it becomes even more important for recruiters, talent acquisition teams, and organisations of all sizes to learn how best to overcome these challenges.


If you are not sure who to follow, here are a few top leaders who not only dish out the latest news in the industry, but also share best practices in hiring and recruitment that can help make your recruitment processes smarter, faster and better.


1. Ben Eubanks


Ben Eubanks

Credit: LinkedIn


Award-winning speaker and HR analyst Ben Eubanks has over a decade of experience in the HR and recruitment industry. As an enthusiast of HR Tech, which he explores in his podcast “We’re Only Human” that looks at the intersection between people and technology in workplaces, he consults organisations to help them understand which technologies work best for them and should be integrated into their HR tech stack. At the same time, he also helps HR Tech providers gain greater clarity on their target audiences, competitive advantages, and developing real-world problem-solving products.


A major reason why you should follow Eubanks is because of his involvement in HR research, the findings of which he shares with his followers, such as his upcoming publication of his new book, Talent Scarcity, where he explores reasons for a shrinking workforce and how organisations can cope with this challenge. With his highly engaging posts that often draw lively discussions in the comments’ section, this is an HR leader you do not want to miss.


2. Laurie Ruettimann


Laurie Ruettimann

Credit: LinkedIn


If you have been wondering about what the future of work, hiring, and human resources might look like and struggling to find an answer, you will likely gain clarity from Laurie Ruettimann’s thoughts on the industry.


Besides being a prolific speaker who has delivered keynote speeches on HR at major organisations such as Google, Harvard Business School and SXSW, Ruettiman is also the founder and host of “Punk Rock HR.” The podcast brings on board a wide range of guests with varied backgrounds. Besides HR professionals, you can expect economists, bestselling authors, and even Olympians and famous musicians!


Tossing out formalities and reservations, Ruettimann adopts a refreshingly honest and candid take on all sorts of HR-related topics ranging from tips to help organisations hire the best people, to technology gaps in global payroll, and employee experience at the workplace.


Sprinkled with snark and wit, her podcast proves to be engaging, entertaining, and insightful all at once and a great place to start when discovering Reuttimann’s content, in addition to her LinkedIn profile where she posts frequently.


3. John Vlastelica


John Vlastelica

Credit: LinkedIn


John Vlastelica possesses over two decades of recruiting experience with almost half of that time spent leading and building up recruitment teams at major global companies such as AT&T Wireless, Amazon, and Expedia.


Vlastelica is currently the founder and CEO of his global recruitment management consulting and training firm, Recruiting Toolbox, which helps companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations improve their in-house recruitment, allowing them to build better hiring processes as well as hire better. At Recruiting Toolbox, he and his team have consulted companies such as Google, Bloomberg, Adidas, and Slack, as well as trained recruiting managers in big tech companies.


With all these experiences to boot, Vlastelica often shares his career experiences on his LinkedIn, latest best practices on improving LinkedIn InMail response rates – a topic that many recruiters are concerned with – as well as pertinent issues like navigating and hiring in a rapidly changing job market in 2023. His posts offer value and practical tips to HR practitioners of all levels of experiences, which are highly beneficial to his followers.


4. Hung Lee


Hung Lee

Credit: LinkedIn


You may have heard of him or his leading industry newsletter, “Recruiting Brainfood,” but if you have not, Hung Lee is an industry professional you have to follow. The amount of value, advice, insight and tips he puts out on a weekly (and often, daily) basis on his newsletter and LinkedIn is a gold mine for anyone in the industry.


Hung Lee has over 15 years of experience as an agency recruiter, recruitment manager, head of talent, recruitment trainer, and founder of a leading online recruiting platform, Currently, he writes a weekly newsletter for the talent industry that explores current topics, news, and trends shaping the industry such as the future of work, employer branding, artificial intelligence in recruitment, as well as developments in sourcing and hiring. Another appeal is how strong the Recruiting Brainfood is, which is a plus for recruiters looking to broaden their network among other professionals in the industry.


Besides his weekly newsletter, you can also check out his podcast Brainfood Live which dives deeper into the latest topics such as ChatGPT use cases in recruitment, or how TikTok can be used for recruitment.


5. Tushar Tejuja


Tushar Tejuja Hackertrail MD

Credit: LinkedIn


Having personally hired over 200 techies while heading global teams across different countries, Tushar Tejuja found the recruitment landscape full of problems. It was difficult sourcing and hiring the best and most relevant candidates for a job, and there was a lack of transparency in the recruitment process.


This pushed Tejuja to start HackerTrail, an award-winning recruitment solution for the technology industry, designed to source and connect the right tech candidates with the right employer. By using a combination of proprietary technology such as Scout, an AI-powered sourcing tool, and Litmus, an assessment tool to benchmark potential hires, Tejuja and his team are changing how recruiters source and screen candidates.


Find Top Tech Talent with


On social media, Tejuja often posts on the latest news and developments in recruitment, HR Tech, and strategies for developing a more efficient recruitment process for organisations and recruiters. His posts often start active discussions among HR professionals, techies, and business leaders, on how the future of the recruitment industry might look like and to see how else technology can be leveraged to improve recruitment.



We hope you find this list helpful in giving you an idea of influential professionals and thought leaders in the recruitment and HR industry. This list is not exhaustive and there are many more inspiring leaders in the industry that were not named, so if you have any suggestions for other names not found above, do share them in the comments!


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