How to Find the Best Recruitment Agency in Singapore

Best Recruitment Agency in Singapore

Hiring the right team is crucial for all businesses. Whether you are a start-up with limited time and resources or an MNC with an HR team juggling several tasks, getting assistance from a Singapore recruitment agency will ensure you meet your talent acquisition goals.


An employment firm will considerably reduce your hiring efforts and connect you with a vast talent pool.


However, with the dynamic hiring needs and plenty of options, it isn’t easy to drill down on one without understanding what makes a recruitment agency an expert in its field.


In this article, we walk you through the things you must consider before finalising the best recruitment agency in Singapore.


1. Why Work with a Recruitment Agency

2. Things to Consider while Choosing a Recruitment Agency

3. Below points will help you choose the best recruiting agency in Singapore

  1. Narrow your search to an employment agency specialised in your industry
  2. Define your hiring requirements clearly
  3. Pay attention to the recruiter’s process
  4. Look at their Track Record
  5. Check the budget

4. What Makes HackerTrail the Best Technology Recruitment Agency in Singapore

5. EndNote


1. Why Work with a Recruitment Agency


Working with one of the best recruitment agencies in Singapore will help you save time and money.


Employment agencies can be a game changer for start-ups that don’t have an in-house hiring expert. Even for large companies, recruitment agencies can help build great teams by taking care of reference checks, resume screening, candidate shortlisting, scheduling interviews, etc.


An employment agency in Singapore is an asset to an enterprise for the following reasons:


  • Industry expertise: The best recruitment agencies provide industry-specific recruiters. At HackerTrail, we are experts at finding the right technical talent as per your requirements.
  • Faster Hiring: The hiring process will take less time, and the quality of the candidates will be much higher.
  • Extended candidate reaches: Not all top talent would be actively looking for a new job. However, recruitment companies have a few tricks to identify such "passive talent", which is otherwise difficult to find.
  • High-quality hires: Recruitment agencies will provide you access to qualified candidates. They will connect you with people who are genuinely looking for work and meet all of your requirements. An employment firm will ensure only the best applicant with rich experience reaches for the interview round with you.

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2. Things to Consider while Choosing a Recruitment Agency


Finding an ideal recruitment agency in Singapore is no easy feat. With more than 1000 recruitment firms to choose from, you must evaluate certain aspects of a recruitment agency in Singapore to identify the right one for you.


A single wrong hire can be costly for your business, especially if you are a start-up. However, an unfit candidate can also adversely affect the company culture of MNCs. Hence, take your time and do your research before you finalise the recruitment agency based on your needs.


3. Below points will help you choose the best recruiting agency in Singapore:


1. Narrow your search to an employment agency specialised in your industry

There are several recruitment agencies, but there will be only a few who are experts in finding tech talent. With digitisation on the rise, the talent crunch in Singapore is a grave issue. It wouldn’t be easier for a start-up to interview, let alone onboard, top talent. There is a fight in MNCs for the right candidate too. Top tech recruitment agencies such as HackerTrail know how and where to find talent. They have the capability and resources to help you build a winning team.


2. Define your hiring requirements clearly

Explain your company’s hiring needs to the recruitment agency. Provide them specifics for each open role, what qualities you are looking for in the candidates, the seniority level, the job scope, etc.


To help the recruitment agency assist you better, also share the following details with them:

  • Company’s mission and vision
  • Company values
  • Existing corporate culture
  • Workplace environment


3. Pay attention to the recruiter’s process

To know the efficacy of the recruitment agency, it is crucial to understand its process and the overall hiring experiences.


You can ask them relevant questions to understand how they operate.

  • What does their overall process look like?
  • What are their methods for finding candidates?
  • How do they pre-screen candidates?
  • Do they actively search on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? How effective are their methods?


An excellent technical recruitment agency knows that there are passive candidates with in-demand skills who can bring a higher ROI. With their experience, they should be able to persuade these passive candidates to join your company.

Test your coding skills here


4. Look at their Track Record

Look at the employment agency’s track record and expertise in your industry. Evaluate their social media presence, their LinkedIn page, online reviews, their recruiter's online profiles, etc.

Also, consider whether they are a part of a community where they can find passive candidates. Do they actively take part in industry-related discussions?

Also, check the record for previously placed candidates.


5. Check the budget

Like every other process in your company, you must have budgeted hiring too. Once you are assured that the employment agency can help you find high-quality tech talents, it is time to evaluate whether their service costs fall under your budget.


Every recruitment agency in Singapore may have a different fee structure based on your hiring needs. Some factors that can vary the cost are:

  • The number of positions to be filled
  • Industry type
  • Job position type
  • Job classification such as full-time, part-time, remote work, etc.
  • Expected salary for the position

It is better to inquire about their cost upfront to avoid confusion later.


4. What Makes HackerTrail the Best Technology Recruitment Agency in Singapore


Building a great technical team is critical to a company’s success. However, hiring tech professionals is often overwhelming due to the varied skills and job profiles.


HackerTrail makes tech talent access easier for you by tapping into our growing community of techies. HackerTrail sources the best candidates based on your requirements to supercharge your tech recruitment through proprietary software such as Scout, an AI-powered search engine, and Litmus, intelligent tech assessments.


Leverages Technology

Unlike traditional hiring that hunts for resumes in databases, the team uses an AI-powered search engine, Scout, to discover candidates. In unconventional ways, Scout finds candidates by collecting and analysing the data available through social media, Github, and other publicly available registries.


Ensure Only the Best Talent Reaches You

Platform prepares and refines the candidate pool through technical practices, interview preparation, gamification, hackathons, etc.


Minimise Hiring Efforts

By taking care of the sourcing, screening & assessments of candidates, we help you save time and money.


Specialised Solution for Technology Hiring

Our product is built for both techies looking for jobs and companies looking for technology hires. Through technology such as machine learning and gamification, our platform sources and connects the companies with their ideal candidates sans the human bias factor.


Personalised Solutions

No matter how unique your needs are, we have a personalised solution for you. We offer to attract & hire program for fresh graduates and customised hiring for experienced candidates and executive-level hires.

To find out more, contact the team at


5. EndNote


We mentioned all the criteria that you need to evaluate the recruitment agency in Singapore based on your hiring needs.

For technical recruitment, select an employment firm that utilises technology and their recruitment expertise to find passive candidates and connect you to the best available technology talent.

HackerTrail is one of the best technology recruitment agencies in Singapore and has access to a rich community of techies, which not discovers talent but also refines them and upskills them.

Let us help you discover the right talent for your teams!

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