Best Answers to Why Do You Want This Job Interview Questions

Best Answers to Why Do You Want This Job Interview Questions

In the competitive world of job hunting, applicants are often asked the question, "Why do you want this job?" This seemingly simple inquiry carries significant weight, offering employers a valuable glimpse into the minds of potential candidates.


Interview preparation is crucial for securing any job. In addition to conducting comprehensive research on the company, the specific role, and the team structure, it is highly recommended to anticipate and prepare for common interview questions.


Understanding why you want a particular job is crucial for both you and employers alike. In this article, we share answers to the essential question "Why do you want this job" based on different scenarios.


What Does the Interviewer Want to Know?

When an interviewer asks the question "Why do you want this job?", their objective is to reveal valuable insights regarding your suitability and dedication as a candidate. They want to know if you have a genuine interest in the job and the industry it pertains to. Additionally, they aim to understand your motivation and drive to excel in the role, assessing if you have a passion for the work and if you are genuinely excited about the opportunity.


When formulating your response to this question, keep in mind that the interviewer is seeking someone who can contribute value to their team and demonstrate a genuine desire to grow and advance within the company. Incorporate these considerations into your answer to showcase your enthusiasm for personal and professional development while aligning it with the company's trajectory.


How Do I Prepare for this Question?

Before we get down to the recommended responses, it’s important to consider the point below. They will provide much needed context and help you come up with your own answers when needed.

  • Research the company: Understand its mission, values, culture, and recent accomplishments.
  • Reflect on your skills: Identify specific skills and experiences that make you a strong fit for the job.
    Why do you want this job How to Prepare for this Question

  • Understand your motivations: Consider the aspects of the role that excite you and align with your professional goals.
  • Connect with company values: Identify shared values and explain how they align with your own beliefs.
  • Prepare examples: Develop concrete examples highlighting your skills, experiences, and motivations.
  • Practice your response: Rehearse a concise and compelling answer that showcases your enthusiasm and suitability.
  • Seek feedback: Get input from trusted individuals to refine your answer and gain valuable insights.


Ideal Answers to “Why Do You Want this Job” for Various Scenarios

Try not to panic. Although it may appear arbitrary, providing a well-crafted response to this question can significantly increase your chances of securing your dream job. Make full use of the compiled answers presented here and modify them based on your own personal circumstances.


Expressing Enthusiasm

  • "I am genuinely thrilled about this opportunity as it allows me to learn, develop, and make progress in an exciting industry that I am truly passionate about."
  • "When I initially encountered the job description for this position, I was immediately captivated by..."
  • “This job holds a strong appeal for me as it closely aligns with my values and sense of purpose. Your organisation's commitment to [specific cause or mission] deeply resonates with me, and I am passionate about making a positive impact in this area. I believe that by working in this role, I can contribute my skills and expertise to advance [cause or mission]."
  • "After thorough research, I am genuinely impressed by your organisation's strong culture and unwavering commitment to values. The emphasis on [specific value or principle] resonates deeply with me, and I believe that I would thrive in this environment. This job represents an opportunity for me to be a part of a team that is dedicated to making a difference and creating a positive impact, and that is something that truly motivates me."


Focusing on the Job

  • "I am attracted to this job because it perfectly aligns with the objectives I strive to accomplish, leveraging my skills to their fullest potential."
  • "This role presents me with the unique opportunity to combine my expertise in [skill 1] and [skill 2] to accomplish..."
    Ideal Answers to “Why Do You Want this Job” for Various Scenarios

  • “I am eager to pursue this job because it presents substantial prospects for professional growth and advancement, allowing me to continually develop my skills and expertise. I believe that this job will not only help me achieve my personal and professional aspirations but also contribute to the overall success of the organization."
  • “This job captivates me because I perceive it as a pivotal milestone in my professional journey, offering abundant opportunities for growth and continuous learning. Your organization has a reputation for providing excellent training and development opportunities, which I find very appealing. I am eager to expand my skills, acquire new knowledge, and work alongside experienced professionals who can mentor and guide me."


Highlighting Role-Specific Interests

  • "I possess an unwavering passion for (job role - specific tasks) yet regrettably, my previous employment diverted me from pursuing it wholeheartedly." Hence, I am actively seeking a position that allows me to work on projects I genuinely enjoy. Upon reviewing the job specifications, I believe this role is a perfect match."
  • “I am eager to secure this job because I am truly passionate about this (industry/field). From a young age, I have been fascinated by (specific aspect of the industry/field) and have actively pursued opportunities to learn and grow in this area."
  • "I am genuinely passionate about this industry/field and the work that your organization is doing. I believe that my skills and experiences align perfectly with the requirements of this job, and I am eager to make a positive impact in this role."

Note: These answers are provided as examples, and candidates need to tailor their responses based on their genuine motivations and aspirations related to the specific job and organization they are applying to.


Selling Your Fresh Grad Status

  • “Being a recent graduate in [relevant field], I am excited by this job opportunity as it presents a remarkable platform for me to put into practice the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my studies. I am eager to contribute my fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the team, while also learning from experienced professionals in the industry. This role will provide a solid foundation for me to kickstart my career and grow within the company."
    Being a recent graduate Selling Your Fresh Grad Status

  • “This job perfectly aligns with my deep passion for [specific industry or field], making it an ideal choice for me. Throughout my academic journey, I have been deeply fascinated by [specific aspect of the industry], and this role offers the opportunity to immerse myself in that area. I am eager to learn from seasoned professionals, gain hands-on experience, and contribute to the innovative projects that the company is known for."


Applying Work Expertise from Years of Experience

  • “With [number of years] of experience in [relevant field], I am thrilled about this job because it signifies the next stride in my career. The responsibilities outlined in the job description perfectly match my expertise and allow me to leverage my experience in [specific skills or areas]. Additionally, I am impressed by the company's track record of success and its commitment to [specific values or goals], which align with my professional aspirations."
  • "After achieving significant milestones in my career, I am seeking a new challenge that pushes me to further develop my skills and expertise. This job presents an ideal opportunity for me to expand my horizons and take on a leadership role in [specific area]. The company's strong reputation in the industry, combined with its focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies, makes it an ideal environment for me to thrive and make a significant impact.



"Why do you want this job?" offers employers valuable insights into the motivations and aspirations of individuals seeking job opportunities. While personal motivations may vary, factors such as passion, professional growth, alignment with values, work environment, personal and financial fulfilment, and unique skills often influence individuals' desires to pursue specific job roles.


By understanding the reasons behind their interest, employers can assess a candidate's suitability and commitment, ensuring a strong fit between the individual and the organisation. For job seekers, reflecting on their motivations helps them articulate their passion and goals, allowing them to find meaningful work that aligns with their values and aspirations.

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