About Us

Traditional recruiting wasn’t designed for today’s software-first world. The old model is simply too slow, doesn’t allow for deep vetting and takes the control and ownership out of your hands. This is why we built Turing, the world’s most deeply vetted developers and teams, matched by AI. Turing connects world-class engineers with companies to help them achieve their respective career and business goals.

Traditional recruiting is over. Welcome to the Talent Cloud.

Turing enables: 

> companies to get matched to vetted remote talent at the touch of a button 

> developers to achieve their elite dream career from anywhere in the world

400+ top companies, including Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, and Dell, trust Turing's Talent Cloud for their engineering needs.

Recruit Developers/Engineers: Turing combines AI and a global reach to deliver your ideal engineers tailored to your business needs. Our Talent Cloud matches you to rigorously vetted, quality remote developers.

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Turing Careers: 

Turing helps you get excellent remote opportunities to build a high-growth career faster.

Find high-quality remote U.S. software jobs across 15 roles and 100+ technologies. 

Co-founded by @Jonathan Siddarth and @Vijay Krishnan,

Company Culture

  • Innovation is encouraged
  • Variety of perks
  • Multi-cultural workforce
  • A truly collaborative environment

Meet Our Team

Jonathan Siddharth
CEO & Co-founder
Vijay Krishnan
Founder & CTO