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HackerTrail Tech 101 is a series of virtual events where techies meet thriving professionals from employers like Carousell, TikTok, GovTech, AWS. The tech experts share insider tips on required experience, essential engineering technical skills as well as management skills to address the question of how to get the dream job you want.

Upcoming live events

About Tech 101

Meet Industry Trailblazers

In our virtual workshops, you will meet experts only from reputable companies with relevant tech skills and several years of experience.

Get Invaluable Advice

Each virtual event offers rich insights contributed by guest’s experience and tech skills, community inputs and market intel on how to get a job in tech.

Ask Burning Questions

We encourage live interactions between guest speakers and the audience to ensure authentic communication and deep engagement before, during and after the virtual event.

Webinars you've missed

Tech 101: A Career in UX/UI Design

Watch the virtual workshop to learn together with Aravinda Samath, Senior UX/UI Designer@GovTech Singapore:

  • Differentiation between UX tier 1 and 2 users
  • Necessary technical skills before stepping into UX design
  • Common pitfalls encountered by fresh UX designers

Tech 101: A Career in Data Science

If you are interested in starting a career as a Data Scientist/Analyst, watch the virtual workshop with Vaishnavi Baskaran, Senior Manager, Data Analytics & Insights@Constellar Holdings and learn:

  • The must-have technical skills and free resources to improve them
  • Common challenges when starting as a Data Scientist
  • Current trends in data science for newbies

Tech 101: Insider Tips on A Career in Software Development

Relive the virtual event with Ketan Mujumdar, Director of Engineering@Carousell, who addressed the questions regarding:

  • Getting a job as a software engineer without relevant background
  • Increasing the relevant tech skills
  • Establishing your brand in a startup

Tech 101: Unveiling Product Management

if you missed the exclusive session with Aiswarya Menon from TikTok and Chor Yi from Advocado, watch the exclusive recording from the session and deep dive into:

  • Expectation vs Reality of Product Management
  • Identifying strategic sectors that spark your interest
  • Tips on leveraging on your past experience
  • Choosing companies that fit your skills set

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