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Share your wisdom and provide industry insights to our community

Be a part of a community of techies that stays together, learns together and grows together.


What does it take to be a HackerTrail Collaborator?

We’re always looking to put subject matter experts and key opinion leaders in touch with their fellow techies and provide ample opportunities for both parties to network and connect.


HackerTrail Collaborators are tech enthusiasts who are passionate about grooming the next generation of tech wunderkinds and possess the following traits:

Collaborator - how does it

There's no one size fits all

Which is why we provide multiple options for you to choose from as a HackerTail Collaborator

Community Voice

Content Creator/Domain Expert who starts conversations and will step in to provide a content-based perspective or share content to spark meaningful discussions.

Community Moderator

Promote HackerTrail, respond to member posts and share your thoughts, offer advice to fellow techies. Help members stay relevant in today’s tech scene.

Campus Ambassador

Make a difference, network with fellow students. Lead and create a wholesome community within your campus to initiate informational content and organize events.


Perks of being a HackerTrail

As an HackerTrail Collaborator, you will be offered the following opportunities:

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Getting your profile out there

Showcase your expertise and be featured as a subject matter expert and mentor

Collaborations Icon

Network with fellow techies

Exchange and develop professional relationships within the community

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Be an advocate and give back to the community

Showcasing you as the subject matter expert and/or mentor on our platform

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Access our talent pool

Outreach to our community through networking sessions

Have Any Questions?

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Share your wisdom with fellow techies and help them grow by helping the community grow with your leadership and guidance. Engage with the tech community through our community feed, our facebook and linkedin pages, and by participating in our curated engagement sessions.  

We have three different options for you to choose where you’ll be a part of – Community Voice, Community Moderator and Campus Ambassadors (read above for more details) 

If you are able to commit for a minimum of 6 months or more, we want you!

To make the most of your experience here with us, Collaborators should be proactive, initiate, and keep the conversations going with thought-provoking questions. Be a tech advocate and create relevant content to engage with the community 

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