Job Detail

Senior Software Engineer (Testing/Automation)


Job Description


  • Design and implement the vital automated testing infrastructure necessary for all layers of the RisingWave Cloud, from database kernel to cloud infrastructure.
  • Closely collaborate with the database kernel and the cloud teams to identify and resolve quality gaps and help guide the team's testing efforts;
  • Leading discussion on the code and design needed to ensure the development team is creating high quality software;
  • Addressing and collecting requests to improve tooling that arrive both from internal development teams as well as from the RisingWave community.

Job Requirement

Sound Like You?

  • 4+ years of relevant experience in quality engineering, specifically testing, frameworks and automation;
  • Experience working with cloud services such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and/or others;
  • Solid programming fundamentals (e.g. in Python, Java, C++) and interest in learning Rust to evolve our automated tests and tooling;
  • Proven experience developing comprehensive and effective test and performance tools, as well as frameworks;
  • Experience delivering quality software in a large distributed system with emphasis on functional and performance automation, workloads, and testing;
  • Experience using and managing CI/CD platforms such as Jenkins, GitHub Actions, and others;
  • experience developing on open-source repositories and community building on GitHub;
  • Basic understanding of distributed systems and database internals.



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