Job Detail

Data Engineer


Job Description

  • Build pipelines to bring in wide variety of data from multiple sources within the organization as well as from social media and public data sources.
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams to source data and make it available for downstream consumption.
  • Work with the team to provide an effective solution design to meet business needs.
  • Ensure regular communication with key stakeholders, understand any key concerns in how the initiative is being delivered or any risks/issues that have either not yet been identified or are not being progressed. 
  • Ensure dependencies and challenges (risks) are escalated and managed. Escalate critical issues to the Sponsor and/or Head of Data Engineering.
  • Ensure timelines (milestones, decisions and delivery) are managed and value of initiative is achieved, without compromising quality and within budget.
  • Ensure an appropriate and coordinated communications plan is in place for initiative execution and delivery, both internal and external.

Job Requirement

  • Work as a team player
  • Excellent problem analysis skills
  • Experience with at least one Cloud Infra provider (Azure/AWS)
  • Experience in building data pipelines using batch processing with Apache Spark (Spark SQL, Dataframe API) or Hive query language (HQL)
  • Experience in building streaming data pipeline using Apache Spark Structured Streaming or Apache Flink on Kafka & Delta Lake
  • Knowledge of NOSQL databases. Good to have experience in Cosmos DB and GraphQL
  • Knowledge of Big data ETL processing tools
  • Experience with Hive and Hadoop file formats (Avro / Parquet / ORC)
  • Basic knowledge of scripting (shell / bash)
  • Experience of working with multiple data sources including relational databases (SQL Server / Oracle / DB2 / Netezza), NoSQL / document databases, flat files

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