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Chief Product Officer


Job Description

Company Overview

Founded in 2014, alt has been the pioneer in the development of P.A.I (Personal Artificial Intelligence) --a digital clone of the original human-- which is designed to digitize one's own will and make decisions with individual intent and perform in the cloud. We aim to liberate humanity from labor and enhance the value of freedom by popularizing the technology of P.A.I. worldwide. This digital counterpart navigates the online world 24/7, replacing mundane tasks including shopping, travel arrangements and so on, allowing humans to focus on what can only be done by humans.

Revolutionizing the way we work with AI solutions, we utilize the AI technologies created during our own P.A.I. research. Our flagship product is the 'AI GIJIROKU (AI Minutes)' tool, an automatic transcription tool for meetings that has been adopted by over 7000 companies. Applications of the technology expanded into other AI solutions such as the 24/7 unmanned 'AI Call Center,' the chat operator AI support system 'Neo RMR' and 'AI Interpretation,' enabling multilingual communication in online meetings. In approximately 2 years since our product launch, we have grown to become the market leader in Japan.

As our AI products continue to progress, the possibility of going public on a unicorn scale as a Japanese AI company becomes realistic. With attention from top-tier international venture capitalists as the lead investor in the Series D round held in June 2022, we are aiming for our market influence further internationally.

Your role as the CPO

Currently, the founder CEO is the active leader of new product development. In the near future, in anticipation of future business and organizational expansion, we hope the new CPO can take over the product development department and become the next best creator at alt.

We are excited for the upcoming global expansion and aspire to gain recognition worldwide through the strength of our own technology and products. As a CPO, you are on top of that mission!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Exploration and research of new product ideas
  • Formulation, planning and execution of product strategies and roadmap
  • Planning and execution of various qualitative and quantitative research activities, including user surveys, log analysis and inquiry analysis
  • Product development and quality management
  • Formation of agreements with executives and key personnel from various departments 

Job Requirement

Current Technologies/Tools in Use at alt:

  • Languages: TypeScript, Python, Flutter
  • Frameworks: Vue.js, Nuxt.js
  • Database: Cloud Firestore
  • Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Azure, Cloud Firebase, Cloud Functions
  • Source Code Management: Bitbucket
  • Project Management Tools: Notion, JIRA
  • Communication Tools: Zoom, Slack, Google Workspace

Ideal Experience:

  • Software and web service product manager experience 
  • New product development experience
  • Experience in scaling products
  • Experience with AI-related projects and advanced knowledge of AI
  • Background as an engineer

Who we are looking for: 

Those who can work with a sense of speed and professionalism toward the mission of creating a world where labor is eliminated and people can focus solely on creative work as soon as possible. 

Those who are constantly searching for thorough efficiency improvements that should be spread around the world. Those who can immediately carry out what they decide to do. People who can come up with ideas and implement them to make them possible, rather than proving that they can't be done. Those who can tackle problems flexibly without being particular about methods.

Those who have no problems communicating or performing work while working completely remotely.

Alts culture:

We believe it is fair for each individual to work in a place and time when they can perform best. Introduced full remote work (recommended). You can work flexibly. As part of our efforts to create an environment where all employees can grow, we have established various systems, including support for training/seminar expenses. Alt is a place where people's experiences and values meet and combine to create new possibilities, regardless of region, race, gender, or age. Although we are a small organization of around 30 people, we have created an environment where we can handle individual tasks as professionals, regardless of time or location. We are still in the process of evolving. This is the stage where each person can shape the organization in any way that suits the future they want to achieve. If you seriously want to change the world, we would love to talk to you


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