Job Detail

Data Engineer


Job Description

  • Set up data infrastructure, data pipelines, integrate source system data with data lakes and data mining models into data pipelines.
  • Design, build, support and optimize new and existing data models and ETL/ELT processes, including the ETL/ELT from source system to data lake and those within the data lake
  • Develop and support the data pipeline to integrate data from new data sources with emerging data technologies.
  • Define and manage SLA, data quality for all data sets in allocated areas of ownership
  • Maintain and optimize the performance of data analytics infrastructure to ensure accurate, reliable and timely delivery of key insights for decision making

Job Requirement

  • Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science Engineering or related field
  • Relevant work experience as Data Engineer or related field
  • Experience with Data Engineer or Data Analytics Infrastructure. 1-5 years’ experience in designing, building and operationalizing medium to large scale data integration projects with Google cloud.
  • Familiarity with SQL and one or more data Lake, Data Warehouse, RDBMS technologies (e.g., MSSQL, Oracle, SAP Hana, Hive, Bigquery, Redshift, etc.)
  • Able to work independently with large and multiple data sets from various business processes and systems, to support the business in achieving strategic objectives
  • Strong interest in understanding and solving business problem with data
  • 1-5 years of experience with python or any equivalent programming language
  • AWS or Google cloud knowledge and experience is a plus.


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