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Platform (DevOps) Engineer


Job Description

Hello, let us introduce ourselves!

We are watchTowr, an early-stage VC-backed cyber-security start-up headquartered in Singapore. Cyber security veterans and technical experts, we are obsessed with building exciting technology for some of the world’s most targeted organisations.

With experience informed by years of simulating sophisticated cyber attacks against some of the world's largest organisations, our mission is to enable organisations to continuously understand, assess and assure their real external cyber attack surface - with cutting-edge technology.

By leveraging data, our mission is to empower organisations to keep up with the rapid rate of evolution across the cyber security industry, by providing continuous and real-time assurance in line with a frontline adversarial understanding of cyber security.

We are a young, high-energy and high-performing team that is devoted to building world-class technology, in pursuit of realising our mission. We are in a high and aggressive growth phase of our journey, and are excited to continue adding colleagues to join our phorce of nature.

So what’s the role?

We are looking for a T-shaped Platforms (DevOps) Engineer with deep expertise in networking and building/scaling distributed systems to join our DevOps team. The main challenge you will be helping to solve is scaling our automated scanning platform so that we can serve clients at a global level.

As part of a fast growing team, you can also expect to be involved with other DevOps/SRE-related challenges involving improving development agility and service availability.

Sounds great – what will I do?

  • You get to scale a legitimate botnet - architect, scale, and optimise our distributed scanning infrastructure to reliably serve a global audience
  • You will make DevOps great again - be relentless in improving the four key DevOps metrics:
    • Improve the deployment frequency of our platform
    • Reduce the lead time for changes to get from development into production
    • Reduce the number of deployment failures that lead to unscheduled downtime
    • Reduce the time taken for the product to recover from a production failure
  • You will tackle scaling problems in an engineering-focused team
    • How could we scale from a single region to a global network?
    • How can we improve the processing throughput of data and workflow pipelines?
    • How could we improve the availability of our systems in general?

Job Requirement

Sounds perfect to me, what’re the details?

Minimum Experience

  • This is a mid-senior level role requiring three or more years:
    • Designing and implementing scalable distributed networks with high throughput
    • Handling cloud infrastructure setup and maintenance
    • Working in cross-functional teams delivering software using Agile methodologies
  • Good understanding of OSI layer 3/above networking concepts

Ideal Experience

  • Been responsible for managing and upgrading systems in production
  • Been part of an organisation that has scaled a system from a single region to a global level


Here are the technologies we use. Ideally, you’d have working experience with:

  • Cloud service providers: AWS, Azure, GitHub
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC): Terraform
  • Application platform: Kubernetes (AWS EKS), Helm, Docker, Docker Compose
  • Observability: Elastic-Fluent-Kibana (EFK) stack, Prometheus, Jaegar/OpenTelemetry, Grafana
  • Persistence: PostgreSQL (RDS), MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kafka
  • Delivery pipelines: GitHub Actions, AWS CodeBuild
  • Workflow orchestration: Airflow, Kubernetes
  • Software runtimes: Python, Node.js, Go

Our Experience

When you join us, you can expect (ok, we kinda expect this from you too):

  • A highly motivated team obsessed over our shared mission
  • To be part of a team of outcome-focused problem-solvers
  • An environment of autonomy and creativity that will support you to do your best work
  • A culture of continuous improvement in the form of learning and growth

What else is in it for me?

  • Competitive compensation - we believe that hard work, skills and ambition should be fairly compensated.
  • Meaningful role in a company - You will be a key and early contributor to a fast-growing cyber security business that helps protect some of the world's largest enterprises.
  • The best tools and powerful kit - we enable you with the tools to effectively fulfil your role.
  • Endless opportunities – we are in a high-growth phase of our journey, and plan to promote from within as we scale.
  • Work with cyber security experts – we are solving cutting-edge industry-wide cyber security challenges with some of the world’s most advanced organisations.
  • Work hard, play hard - we work hard together, but we also have fun together. On Fridays, we regularly turn on the speakers, open the beer fridge, and prepare for the weekend.

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