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15287 - Senior Analytics Engineer


Job Description

A well-established U.S.-based company that is building world-class transportation services with their range of electric vehicles, is looking for a Senior Analytics Engineer. The engineer will be responsible for converting data insights into practical suggestions for improving business strategy, decision-making, and performance. The NASDAQ-listed company is enabling users to reduce their carbon footprint with their revolutionary products and technologies. This position requires 5-6+ hours of overlap with the PST time zone. The company has successfully managed to secure more than $11.8bn in funding. 


Job Responsibilities:

  • Improve data access for analytics applications by streamlining data queries, processes, and performance
  • Work together with stakeholders to translate business requirements into solid data analytics solutions and architectures by first understanding what those requirements are
  • Create intricate data pipelines, ETL procedures, and data models that support business objectives and analytical requirements
  • To effectively extract, transform, and load data from diverse sources into data warehouses or analytical platforms, develop, deploy, and maintain ETL processes
  • Throughout the ETL process, make sure data quality, integrity, and consistency
  • Discover insights and trends in massive datasets by performing advanced data analysis, data mining, and statistical analysis
  • Utilize predictive modeling and machine learning to tackle complicated business problems
  • To successfully communicate insights and trends to stakeholders who are not technically savvy, create complex data visualizations and dashboards
  • Use data visualization tools to create dynamic and useful reports (such as Tableau and Power BI)
  • Deliver comprehensive analytics solutions by working with cross-functional teams that include data scientists, business analysts, and data engineers
  • Processes for collecting data, procedures, and analytical approaches should be documented for knowledge exchange and future use
  • Find ways to automate, optimize, and improve procedures to increase the efficacy and efficiency of analytics activities
  • Concurrently manage and assign priority to a number of analytics projects to guarantee timely delivery and alignment with business requirements
  • Identify and fix performance problems in data pipelines and processing.
  • Instruct and mentor less experienced members of the analytics team on technical abilities and best practices

Job Requirement

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 5+ years of relevant experience as an Analytics Engineer
  • Demonstrable experience working with Data Analytics and Data Engineering
  • Prolific experience with Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Python for Data Science
  • Some understanding of Tableau, Power BI, SQL, Databricks, and Snowflake is desirable
  • Excellent spoken and written English communication skills


Required skills

  • Data Engineering | 5
  • Python | 5
  • Data Analysis | 5


Location: preferred location is LATAM but open to other location as long as we have 5-6 hours overlap

Project timezone: UTC-8:00 America/Los_Angeles

Engagement length: 6-12-Months


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