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Senior Competitive Intelligence Engineer


Job Description

Job Description :

The Competitive Intelligence Team is responsible for designing and maintaining highly scalable systems that will help the business teams at Traveloka to perform market research, stay competitive, and make better data-driven decisions.

As a Senior Engineer of the Competitive Intelligence Team, you will work with a group of engineers to build solutions that will be streamlined to multiple systems for achieving the team's objectives. You are required to be able to understand the specific market research needs, requirements, and nuances of each business unit. A successful candidate will possess knowledge and creativity to analyze Traveloka application and data, as well as ability to propose solutions and architecture to fulfill Competitive Intelligence needs.

Job Requirement

• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputable college. 

• At least 5 years of experience in a similar field. 

• Passionate in performing market research, data analysis, and application analysis. 

• Proven experience in creating a robust and highly scalable system. 

• Experience with Java/Kotlin, JavaScript, Git, and RDBMS/NoSQL.

• Experience with automation technology like Selenium, headless browser, or RPA. 

• Experience working with web communication technology like REST API, SOAP/XML, and Protobuf. 

• Excellent in problem solving, analytical, and ability to create helicopter views.


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