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Senior Data Scientist


Job Description

Alongside our corporate partner, BCG Digital Ventures is launching a revolutionary ClimateTech venture with an ambitious mission to accelerate the world on the path to NetZero by empowering corporations to decarbonise their operations and supply chains. Our platform will enable companies to:

  • Measure their carbon footprint including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions using data science and machine learning to drive fast, accurate and actionable insights
  • Manage their emissions abatement journey including roadmap, simulation, tracking and project-management tooling to reach NetZero, and marketplace of partners to purchase carbon offsets and green financing to fund the journey
  • Report on progress to regulators, investors buyers and suppliers with automated disclosure, reporting and certification

The venture is backed by one of the world's largest food and agri companies and global leader in climate action and sustainability. With their significant strategic advantage and secure funding, the venture is uniquely positioned to drive profit with purpose; driving decarbonization in supply chains while generating outsized financial returns. The company is expected to launch publicly early in 2022.
 As one of the pioneers to the data science team, you will play a strategic role in designing, building and scaling our decarbonisation solution while addressing the needs of the industry players.
Why work with us:

  • Tackle the greatest challenge of our generation and make a real difference in the world
  • Build a startup from scratch in an exciting, meaningful and game-changing space
  • Work with cutting edge technologies in hybrid SaaS, big data and data science
  • Join a wide network of BCG/DV, our corporate backer and our partners at leading sustainability NGOs; along with an experienced, mission-driven and affable team
  • Enjoy the upside of working in an early stage startup environment backed by the financial security and strategic advantage of a corporate context
  • Sustainable and flexible working culture with support for remote models
  • Competitive compensation and benefits (including base, bonus, insurance and more)
  • Visa and relocation support for a smooth transition to work and live in Singapore and/or other key market
  • Work on a cross-functional team with designers, engineers and product managers to frame questions, collect data and deliver insights; helping to maximize impact and effectiveness of our solution
  • Build predictive models using both systems modeling and machine learning to generate insights and automate product processes
  • Help us build and improve on a variety of databases covering (areas of focus) by collecting feedback from (users/ customers/ study group) and sourcing from multiple external services and database
  • Maintain and enhance existing models, expanding modeling into other business sectors over time.

Job Requirement

  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Extensive experience (in academia and/or industry) leading independent projects in data science
  • Practical expertise with machine learning, statistical modeling and/or systems modeling
  • Experience or familiarity with natural language processing
  • Experience accessing and sourcing data from different sources using both SQL and NoSQL querying languages
  • Comfortable with Python, R or other scientific programming languages
  • Knowledge of cloud concepts and analytics platforms (GCP, AWS, Azure, etc)
  • Experience with ETL on messy data
  • Experience with model deployment and pipelines

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