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Senior Manager, UX/UI


Job Description

At StarHub, we go further to connect customers with exceptional service, network, and value and service. The Digital Dept’s purpose is to deliver simple and intuitive digital experiences that delight customers, increase revenue, and ensure cost efficiency. It consists of multi-disciplinary and self-organizing Agile teams (squads), each with clear purposes and objectives to deliver on the mission of becoming a tech-telco solution-led digital service provider.

This role bridges the creative and technical aspects of the StarHub Consumer and Enterprise digital strategy, working in a scaled agile framework to combine the art of design with technical requirements, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the Consumer applications, Consumer Online store and portals look as well as how it works. 

Responsible for end-to-end solution from research through to ideation, design and prototyping, user testing, development handoff, and development oversight in an Agile iterative environment 

This Designer Lead will integrate front-end technologies to merge the technical architecture with creative designs and design direction. To achieve this integrated approach, the qualified candidate must have a fundamental understanding of the creative aesthetic while implementing technically across a variety of platforms and frameworks, as well as participate in sizing user stories, backlog refinement, and sprint planning

The core areas of focus are: Creating simple and intuitive UX for both Consumer and Enterprise customers to manage their products and services, with best practices and standards displaying products, services, and solutions, cohesive customer/client flows catering for different scenarios that enhances user experience and working on the future vision of the Consumer and Enterprise Online store and Portal. 

You will lead a high performing team of UI/UX designers across multi product lines and digital channels

Job Requirement

1. User-centred approach to Design 

  1. A deep understanding of when to introduce opinions and how to back up those opinions with relevant experience or good design rationale
  2. The ability to be unbiased and, based on evidence, truly see things from someone else’s perspective
  3. A deep understanding that the work done is not meant to meet the designer’s own needs, but the needs of the Business/people for whom they’re designing. 
  4. Research. To effectively perform the jobs, UX designers must understand what their audiences want and how they view the world, in this case, the tech-telco world
  5. Information Architecture. Information architecture involves organizing information in an understandable manner
  6. Experienced in CX journey mapping, proto-typing, wireframing, visual communication, facilitation of ideation workshops, A/B user testing, competitor analysis and best in breed reviews, Information architecture, impacted journey assessments 

2. Soft skills 

  1. Active listening, adaptability, ability to change perspectives,
  2. Interaction with others in a team, collaboration, and how you would seek to improve the overall customer experience of a product
  3. Go beyond usability research, to be able to spot improvements needed to meet Business goals of increasing sales/improving experience 

3. Qualifications 

  • At least 8 years of demonstrated experience in creating and implementing UI design
  • At least 3 years leading teams
  • Ideally familiar with Agile/SCRUM practices
  • Proficient with visual design programs such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment to create top-performing interfaces
  • Experience creating storyboards and site mapping
  • Advanced problem-solving skills and the ability to optimize data for the best possible outcome
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple milestones and projects efficiently
  • Professional written and interpersonal skills
  • Continued education and research into UI trends and current design strategy and technology
  • Experience with coding and ability to troubleshoot using HTML, CSS, and comparable languages 

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