Job Detail

Senior Software Engineer


Job Description

• Design, implement, and maintain all existing databases RDS and DynamoDB, with special consideration for security, data privacy, and compliance requirements

• Build and maintain a backend application using python flask, that meet the technical requirements and regulations for medical device software and can handle large scale of user-generated data from the mobile app

• Build and maintain servers and related infrastructure hosted on companies’ AWS, and ensuring 24/7/365 availability, with customer-orientated focus.

• Monitor resource usage and suggest and improve existing schema designs as part of software development initiatives.

• Build and maintain REST APIs for the mobile and web apps by frontend teams.

• Handle push notifications and in-app notification campaigns for the medical device

• Collaborate with other team members to deliver high-quality software that meet regulatory requirements

• Continuously improve the performance, scalability, and security of the backend application, databases, push notifications and data handling systems, and implement cronjobs/sync jobs to sync data across the databases

• Participate in Disaster Recovery activities owned by the organisation.

• Participate in delivering of large-scale projects across multiple geographic regions as and when required.


Job Requirement

• 5 - 7 years of experience in backend/devops engineering or software development related work

• Strong experience in database management (DBMS) and strong in SQL.

• Strong experience with backend frameworks (i.e. Python Flask, React, etc.)

• Experience in deploying apps and setting up CI/CD pipelines for smooth delivery of high performing apps to end-users and testers with Docker, AWS Pipelines, etc.)

• Strong understanding of API design, development, maintenance and security best practices

• Experience in handling push notifications and in-app notification campaigns

• Experience in building scalable systems that can handle large scale of user-generated data

• Experience with API, DB and backend testing and quality assurance with industry best practices

• Experience working with mobile app development using Flutter is a plus

• Strong problem-solving and debugging skills

• Strong communication and teamwork skills, with an understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements for medical device software.


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