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HackerHunt, Hire Tech Talent Like Never Before

Get the opportunity to meet up to 50 potential talents for your company needs. With HackerHunt, you can easily interview, shortlist and hire talents in a single recruitment event.

HackerHunt, How Does It Work?

Select from a variety of events

At HackerHunt, we offer a large variety of events to cater to your hiring needs! No matter the position you’re looking to fill, we are able to host an event to get you the best potential talents.

Meet a variety of talents

With HackerHunt, we are able to source a pool of talent all coming from diverse backgrounds. Get to know them through a speed-dating format and shortlist the ones with the most potential.

Conduct follow-up interviews

After getting to know our event attendees and shortlisting your top candidates, conduct follow-up interviews on the spot. We’ll help you arrive at a decision and roll out offers from there!

HackerHunt In Action

19 Nov 2019

HackerHunt @ GovTech

GovTech with HackerTrail hosted an exclusive recruitment event on 19 November 2019
05 Sep 2019

HackerHunt for Product Managers & Software Developers

HackerHunt is HackerTrail’s very own recruitment event with an added twist. Unlike a traditional recruitment drive, HackerHunt combines the interview process with speed and quality. At our event, all candidates are guaranteed to meet directly with all participating employers individually for 5 minutes each.
05 Oct 2019

HackerTrail @ AirAsia Kuala Lumpur

HackerTrail organized an exclusive recruitment event for AirAsia at their RedQ headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

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