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Stimulate growth, promote learning

There is no shortage of suitors for tech professionals in today’s market. They are on the lookout for organizations which can offer them the greatest room for growth and development. Use this product to showcase how you’re different, what your EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is, and how you can support techies at any stage of their career.

Wide array of channels to achieve growth and innovation

Here at HackerTrail, we offer a variety of avenues your business can pursue to stand out from the crowd.

Build your tech community

Showcase your organization’s culture and values with your very own community microsite, exclusively for your employees and our community of techies to interact with. Answer queries and highlight your organization’s strengths, post any jobs that open up, demonstrate to potential hires why they should be choosing you.

Thought leadership webinars

Contribute back to the community by organising content rich webinars that showcase the strength of your tech talent, how you innovate and how you solve complex problems using cutting-edge technologies. Techies identify with this and look for companies that think about changing the status quo.

Host tournaments

Techies love a challenge and there’s nothing they love more than besting their peers. Host mini tournaments with a real time leaderboard and provide a platform with which they can pit their wits against each other.

Recruitment events

Finding the perfect fit takes time but there are occasions when the luxury of time is just not something your organization has. With our recruitment events, get to meet, interview, and shortlist up to 50 of the most suitable talent in one day. Perfect for when you are pressed for time or looking to build out an entire team of techies.

A new hiring experience, try it for yourself

Let’s have a chat! We believe that finding the best talent for your needs shouldn’t be difficult, that’s why we are changing the game with the use of technology to help identify the best talents for you.

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