About Us

As cybersecurity practitioners, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges organisations’ face to secure themselves from external cyber attack.

Limited Visibility - With IT infrastructure, SaaS and cloud usage, and shadow IT prevalence growing rapidly; organisations have an increasingly limited understanding of their attack surface.

Rapid Weaponisation -  From discovery to the weaponisation of a vulnerability, organisations have less time to react than ever before. 

Point in Time Assurance - Annual, quarterly, and even monthly cyber security assurance activities can no longer keep up with the rate of adversary evolution.

Restricted Scope - Traditional cyber security assurance activities are impeded by scope and time restrictions, lacking the holistic approach adversaries leverage. 

The watchTowr Platform provides world-class technology, paired with cybersecurity expertise, empowering organisations with continuous cyber security assurance aligned to the capabilities of today’s adversaries.  

Meet Our Team

Benjamin Harris
Founder and CEO
Soe Min
Head of Engineering
Samuel Pua
Principal Security Researcher