About Us

Singularity Data is an early-stage startup that innovates the next-generation database systems. The company develops RisingWave, a cloud-native SQL streaming database for modern real-time applications. With RisingWave, data analysts, scientists, and engineers can easily extract knowledge from streaming data by issuing powerful and efficient queries using standard SQL language.

Singularity Data was founded in early 2021. The team includes a group of experienced database researchers and practitioners who were previously employed in pioneering companies such as AWS Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, LinkedIn, Uber, etc. Singularity Data has raised tens of millions of US Dollars from top-tier VC firms.

RisingWave is an open-source cloud-native SQL streaming database. It is designed to help people build their real-time applications in the cloud with low operation cost, low development cost, and low performance cost.