About Us

We are  a global liquidity provider across various asset classes and we are the number one liquidity provider in Iron Ore derivatives. We embrace both manpower and technology in providing liquidity across numerous asset classes. We focus on improving market efficiency by quoting competitive, two-sided prices to the market, and hence inject stability and price discovery into the markets. We constantly create and adapt to the changing market environment to be one step ahead of our competition. In order to provide price discovery to all market participant's, we connect with multiple exchanges around the world in making markets for them and also trade with over 25 inter-dealer brokers in the market. We actively engage with numerous counter-parties to help offset their risk and hedging needs. We share our market knowledge with many counter-parties in order to help them understand the markets better. We face new challenges every trading day, and we solve them with a strong analytical approach.---

- We Are Global Market Makers -


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