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To cut through the noise of inflated titles and convoluted descriptions, we designed Litmus to cut straight to the chase in assessing a candidate’s technical proficiency.

No credit card needed!

What Makes Litmus Unique?

Adaptive Questioning

Motivating applicants with varying difficulties to better match their knowledge and capabilities.

Revealing Strengths

Unlike other technical assessments, Litmus’s ability to vary in difficulties based allows you to get a deeper understanding of the applicants’ strengths and weaknesses

Instant Feedback

Litmus is equipped with a verification mechanism of submitted codes to provide instant feedback to the candidate and manage expectations.


Simplify Your Hiring

Resumes only tell half the story. Our comprehensive assessment solution helps simplify your workflows and benchmark candidates.

Questions Bank

Our ever-expanding library of questions covers a wide variety of skills and languages in the form of coding challenges, MCQs, and problem statements, allowing you to create assessments for more than 19 job families.


Need a second opinion? Bring your team members into the assessments process by adding them as a co-administrator.

Real-Time Plagiarism Check

With an advanced plagiarism detector, solution pattern recognition, screen recording and IP detection in place, you can be rest assured that remote assessments are well monitored to prevent foul play.

Live Leaderboard

Bring out the best in your candidates by adding the element of competition. Litmus is able to display live leaderboards so competitors know exactly where they stand and what they need to do to pull ahead.

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Assessments Made Easy

Testing for technical proficiency shouldn’t require you to be equally so. Trust Litmus to do the heavy lifting for you.

Create a new assessment

Direct from the dashboard, select your default settings for the assessment.

Flesh out your assessment

Pick the skills and languages you wish to test for and select either our question bank or craft your own for that personal touch.

Go live!

Let the assessment run! You may elect to receive regular candidate reports to keep abreast of how your candidates are faring.


Assess with Litmus

Litmus powers teams all around the world. Explore which option is right for you.


Try us out, no payment required!


/ mth *billed annually

No credit card needed!

Up to 2 Skills (Fixed)
Basic Skills Library
Up to 20 Invitations
Basic Employer Branding
Up to 1 Administrators
FAQ Support


Ideal for Start-Ups


/ mth *billed annually


/ quarter *billed quarterly

Up to 3 Skills (Fixed)
Basic Skills Library
Up to 200 Invitations
Basic Employer Branding
Up to 1 Administrators
FAQ & Email Support



Ideal for Scale-Ups


/ mth *billed annually


/ quarter *billed quarterly

Up to 5 Skills (Fixed)
Basic & Premium Skills Library
Up to 600 Invitations
Basic Employer Branding
Up to 2 Administrators
FAQ & Email Support


Ideal for MNCS


/ mth *billed annually


/ quarter *billed quarterly

Up to 10 Skills (Fixed)
Basic & Premium Skills Library
Up to 1,800 Invitations
Advanced Employer Branding
Up to 6 Administrators
Product Training & Set-Up
FAQ & Email Support
Account Manager Assigned






Employer Branding

Branded Webpage
Candidate URL
Candidate Source Tracking

Types of Assessments

Coding Editor
Adaptive Mulitple Choice
Case Studies
Add Custom Questions

Types of Assessments

Candidate Resume Upload
Custom Pre-Screening Questions

Security Features

Code Plagiarism Checker
Webcam Session Recording
Invite by Passcode


Detailed Candidate Reports
Daily Excel Report

Workflow & Set-Up

ATS Integration


99.99% Uptime
Data Encryption (in transit & at rest)

Don't see a suitable plan for your needs?

Don’t worry if none of our plans seems suitable for your needs, get in touch with us to get a customised plan!

Put to the Test

Hear how Litmus has empowered our clients to hire faster and better.

Read More Reviews
Traditional hiring process takes months to find the right talent. HackerTrail helped us to find candidates who are genuinely interested and technically capable for the job.

Using HackerTrail we saved ~ 200 candidates x 90 minutes each of interview time!

Steven K

Director of Government Digital Services, GovTech
HackerTrail proved to be very successful for our graduate hiring in Singapore. Given the quality of candidates we received, we ended up hiring 15 people instead of 10. Our candidates enjoyed the experience of cracking challenges, and my team found the platform simple and intuitive to navigate.

We will be engaging HackerTrail for our future roles in the region. I wanted to send this formal appreciation to you and the whole team. Well done, team HackerTrail!

Gaurav M

Vice President, CapGemini

We used HackerTrail for our campus recruitment at DBS, specifically to create awareness and buzz amongst tech graduates. The outcome was very successful.

HackerTrail’s online assessments and offline engagement helped us greatly in meeting our headcount projection. We are happy to bring HackerTrail back for a repeat engagement.

Ian Goh

VP Talent Acquisition, DBS
Hackertrail works well with JIM, our AI Recruiter. The coding assessment coupled with other online assessments, ie cognitive and psychometric, is a scientific way of assessing the applicants. The enhanced features on HT, ie dashboard, video recording helped loads in shortlisting of the applicants during the recruitment peak. The technical support team at HT provided excellent support whenever the recruiter or the applicants encountered issues with coding assessment, ie candidates report, webcam denied etc.

Doris Loh

Group Human Resources, DBS

What does Litmus cover?

Get a copy of our catalog for a comprehensive breakdown of the skills and languages Litmus can assess for.

    How Can We help?

    Have a question on how Litmus works? Find answers to frequently-asked questions but if you have a question that is not answered here, drop us a message!
    A technical assessment software is a tool that contains a library of technical assessment tests or coding challenges. These tests or challenges are used when hiring tech talent to assess a candidate’s proficiency in the respective programming languages during the interview process.
    Without the appropriate tools to assess a candidate’s proficiency or ability, it is difficult to accurately determine if a candidate is as experienced or capable as they say they are. Through the use of a technical assessment Litmus, recruiters can obtain an accurate measure of how a candidate is likely to perform under pressure in real-world conditions. With a greater understanding of how a candidate is likely to perform on the job, you are able to make more informed decisions during the hiring process by ensuring that you only hire tech talent who can be verified.
    We offer several types of coding challenges and assessments based on what your needs are and the languages you would like to test for. Candidates can either be assessed in a live coding environment, with adaptive multiple-choice questions, or timed case studies.
    No! You can try HackerTrail Litmus absolutely free with our FREE tier. However, if you would like to unlock other features such as an increased variety of questions, session recording, plagiarism checker, or our premium tier of questions, you may choose to consider the other tiers being offered.
    HackerTrail Assess uses our proprietary technology and is encrypted, both in transit and at rest, to ensure that your data and that of the candidates’ do not end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, our assessment questions are robustly tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are up to date and rigorous enough to give an accurate assessment of a candidate’s abilities.
    Some skills you can test for include C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Swift, NodeJS, Python, Go, AngularJS, R, JavaScript, Angular, ASP.NET, D3.js, Django, HTML5, J2EE, React.JS, CSS and many more!

    If there’s a language you would like to test for but do not see here, please do drop us a message as we continually update our database with new languages and questions to ensure that it is up to date with the latest standards.